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CRS Monthly Board Minutes

Calumet Region Striders
Board Meeting Minutes
December 2, 2004

Location :  Human Race Sports, Valparaiso

Present:  Sue Brown, Pat Rhodes, Mike Wilson, Mike Stiles, Lawrence Giannetti, Linda Kovacs, Karen Lansdowne, Robin Benson-Harvey, Mary Zemansky, Cecilia Bernal

Because majority of Directors not present, it is determined that a quorum is not established for purpose of voting on agenda issues. Electronic approval or objection will be sought by Vice-Pres, Secretary & Treasurer on those pertinent issues.

October meeting minutes approved as amended reflecting the correct spelling of Mary Zemansky & Robin Benson-Harvey.

November meeting minutes yet to be provided for review.

No objection by those present to add the Run for Shelter 5K (July 30) as an additional race on the previously approved schedule. Munster Rotary 10K will move to June 18th (their 2nd choice date) because Jos Mis' AAU meet is scheduled for weekend of June 11th.

No objection by those present to modify proposed Bylaws & Constitution as discussed at the meeting. Wilson & Zemansky accept appointment to continue committee work on any further modifications in 2005.

No objection by those present to Brown's proposal to invest $15,000 in club funds in Certificate of Deposit @ Mercantile Bank @2.6% with maturity date of 11/3/05. $7,500 from Bob Stevens Fund, $3,500 from Jim Cox Fund, $4,000 General Fund using the 2005 GC Race Director Fees just received. Projected interest of $357 to be credited to Jim Cox Scholarship Fund upon maturity date. Board Resolution to be signed by Directors if so agreed by those Directors not present.

Holiday Party Update provided by Kovacs: 50 adults & 8 children as of 12/2/04. Brown to send broadcast message reminder; final count to caterer by Tues 12/6/04. DJ Confirmed. Bernal will be present w/checkbook in case Brown is unable to attend. Landsdowne will bring digital camera.

GC Award presentation provided by Benson-Harvey: Unanimous agreement by those present to accept Hoosier Sports of Dyer bid & proposal for gc awards. Slager to help provide necessary artwork on disc to Benson-Harvey. Record number of GC qualifiers @161 - 36 more than prior year. Wilson to provide Benson-Harvey with final gc standing & awards list as soon after 12/15/04 (deadline for disputes) as practicable.

Webmaster to process paperwork for RRCA club website award due January 3, 2005.

RRCA renewal process reviewed with Bernal. Membership dues, insurance application, 2005 GC & club event schedule, current Bylaws, all due in RRCA Office by 12/31/04. Dues $2.25 per household - no increase. Insurance premium $2.18 per member -increase of 18 cents per member. Directors & Officers Insurance premium is $175 - same as last year.

Written financial report dated 12/2/04 provided to all those present.

Panther Pounce 5K favorable race review provided in written format by Zemansky. Will be mailed to Nancy Scannell.

INSTEP distribution at Holiday Party 12/10/04 & Sleighbell Run 12/11/04. Include under Help Wanted: Someone to manage & take over Striderwear Inventory for 2005.

Next meeting: Wednesday January 12, 7:00 pm at Lake County Library

General Election meeting: Thursday February 10 at Lake County Library (Time to be determined)

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm

Minutes submitted by: Sue Brown

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