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CRS Monthly Board Minutes

Calumet Region Striders
Board Meeting Minutes
November 11, 2004

Location :  Lake County Library, Merrillville

Present:  Sue Brown, Mike Wilson, BigHal, Pat Rhodes, Larry Giannetti, Cassandra Rozycki, Mary Zemansky, Mike Stiles, Tom Navarro, Karen Lansdowne, Robin Benson-Harvey

Not Present:  Cecilia Bernal, Linda Kovacs, Diane Kellenburger, Bill Moylan, Karen Venditti, Pete Klaeser

Meeting called to order by Sue at 7:10.

Approval of minutes deferred until next meeting.

President's Report:

  • Discussion regarding new application printing.
  • Need a new banner.
  • GC schedule review and new rules proposed - see below.

Vice President's Report:

  • Request submitted to Pannera Bread for supplies at the marathon aid station.
  • Colin Slager was presented his quilt.
  • Strider ware update for specials and inventory.
  • Rooms have been reserved for CRS members @ Indy Mini - see our web site. They will be held until 3-10-05. Race is already 60% full.
  • Race evaluation updates were proposed.

Treasurer's Report:

  • No report, but Sue pointed out that between the JC and BS funds, we have $12k in non-interest accounts that should be reviewed.

Membership Report:

  • No report.

Statistician Report:

  • No report.

Webmaster Report:

  • Site updated daily, logos being worked on.

Gold Cup:

  • Reviewed awards and options, Robin to do more research.
  • Sue proposed new rules for:
    • Clydesdales: July 4 weigh-in deadline; if missed you are out but can start over in age groups.
    • Tie-breaks: Total mileage added as a 3rd criteria.
    • Mandatory Jr. Strider age groups for GC races.
  • New GC logo presented for approval (post 25th anniversary).

Old Business:

  • None.

New Business:

  • Motion by Pat to reinstate Buckley and Spring Fling in the GC series. Second by Karen. Passed.
  • Motion by Karen to accept GC series as proposed and revised for 2005, second by Mary. Passed.
  • Motion by Mike Stiles to purchase a new banner not to exceed $100, second by Tom. Passed.
  • Motion to approve new GC logo was seconded and passed but in the rush to get out of the library for closing the secretary neglected to get the names of who moved and seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25

Next Meeting: Thursday December 2 at Human Race Sports, Valparaiso

Minutes submitted by: BigHal

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