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CRS Monthly Board Minutes

Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
July 15, 2004

Location: LC Public Library

Present:  Cecilia Bernal, Sue Brown, Mike Wilson, BigHal, Pat Rhodes, Larry Giannetti, Cassandra Rozycki, Linda Kovacs, Mary Zemansky, Mike Stiles, Tom Navarro

Not Present:  Diane Kellenburger, Bill Moylan, Robin Benson-Harvey, Karen Venditti, Pete Klaeser, Karen Lansdowne

Meeting called to order by Sue at 7:10

Motion by Mike Wilson to approve minutes for the last month, 2nd by Mary Zemansky, approved.

President's report:

  • Review of the Zoo race - problem with drop from the beach, short water, registration help limited for checking returning runners back in. Water and food too close to the finish line - everyone went by and had to come back. Only one water stop and cars cutting into the race field. Some of these issues were discussed in advance. Mary claims that nothing has changed for the 3 years she has run the race.
  • Newsletter to be distributed June 23rd
  • GC premium and logo options were reviewed and costs need to be determined. Vote to be by email.

Vice President's report:

  • Looking for Brickyard evaluation. Timing reports were incomplete as furnished to Mike Wilson. Water was improved but not at the start.
  • Strider Survivor - Chellberg Farms charges changed - now we need to pay for 2 rangers at $50. each. Still looking for sponsors. No RSVP's to date. Various details reviewed.
  • Easy up tent reviewed for specs and prices. No presentation for approval yet.
  • Quilts - Judy's in Hobart wants about $300. A source in Boston charges $250.

Treasurer's report: 

  • Revenue and expenditures to date presented With $18,132.90 total revenue and $10,159.01 in expenditures, less transfers to restricted funds = $6860.89. Net (less future GC expenditures).

Membership:  :

  • 454 total members, 368 households. It has been suggested that we create a follow-up post card for anyone not renewed that gives a phone number to call with any problems. Also board members should have name tags at races and try to meet new members.


  • 7 people still eligible for JC award (1 woman - Sue). Still some outstanding issues with the Autism race results which is why results are still not posted. Lots of names misspelled from the data furnished from the zoo run.

Web site:

  • Updates for birth date handling and transitions from year to year.

Gold Cup: 

  • 242 participants to date
  • GC Series race standards: to review for distance, premium, time to present awards, age groups for Jr. Striders, walking division, Clydesdale and Athena - no report yet.

Old Business:

  • Motion to use the Boston source for the quilts by Cas and 2nd by Mike Stiles. Approved.

New Business:

  • None.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25

Next Meeting:  Thursday, August 19th, 7:00pm at Cas's house.

Submitted by bighal

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