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CRS Monthly Board Minutes

Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
March 11, 2004

Location: Omni 41

Present:  Mike Wilson, BigHal, Mike Stiles, Sue Brown, Larry Giannetti, Mary Zemansky, Diane Kellenburger, Robin Benson-Harvey, Bill Moylan, Pat Rhodes, and new member Rarick Witvoet    Not Present:  Pete Klaeser, Tom Navarro, Cassandra Rozycki, Karen Lansdowne, Cecilia Bernal, Linda Kovacs,

Meeting called to order by Sue at 7:25

Motion to approve minutes last 4 months minutes by Mike Wilson, 2nd by Mary.  Approved.

President's report: 

  • Strider Survivor - time for a change - contacting Chellberg Farm.  Board members should go for a run together.  Tentative date is August 12.
  • Cassandra found someone to do quilts but out of state.  Robin suggested a posting at Joann Fabrics.
  • Red Cross is considering dropping the Brickyard for 2005.  Sue questioned if the club would want to pick it up for the JC/BS fundraiser.
  • Sue would like to promote wearing Strider ware at races outside the GC series.
  • Sue announced that she was obtaining club equipment insurance from RRCA for $52.50.
  • Summer AAU meet is June 12-13 in Chesterton – looking for someone to organize volunteers.  Sue will be organizing the Jr. Strider team.
  • Dining card program is over for new sales.
  • Applications for the Jim Cox scholarship were presented.  Extensive discussion took place to establish selection and distribution criteria.
  • Sue suggested a section on the web site for publishing PR's in order to encourage successes other than just placement in the age groups.

Treasurer's report:  Cecilia submitted a revenue and expenditure report for 2004 through 3/11 showing a positive variance of $7924.58

Membership:  529 current count, 408 households, 86 new individual members.

Web site:   No report.

INSTEP:  April distribution at Taltree 10, submit new info by 4/5.

Gold Cup: 

  • 208 GC participants, report from the committee was put off until next meeting.

Old Business:  None

New Business:

  • Motion by Diane and second by Mike Stiles to approve $250. and up to $500 if needed from the Bob Stevens fund for the assistance application presented.
  • Motion by Diane to promote wearing of Strider wear at races outside of the GC series by offering a drawing for a free membership for all those who submit their race photo from the foreign race to the website. 2nd by Larry. Approved.
  • Motion by Big Hal to establish a Jim Cox Scholarship fund selection criteria consisting of GC participation, volunteering frequency, membership longevity, and essay content.  2nd by Mike Stiles.  Approved.
  • Motion by BigHal to establish a Jim Cox Scholarship fund suggested distribution criteria of 80% of the previous year fund increase.  2nd by Diane.  Approved.
  • Motion by Pat to award a total of $1000 from the Jim Cox fund for 4 scholarships.  2nd by Mary.  Approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00

Next Meeting:  Thursday, April 8th, 7:00pm at Omni 41

Submitted by bighal

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