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CRS Monthly Board Minutes

Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
February 12, 2004

Location: Omni 41

Present:  Mike Wilson, BigHal, Mike Stiles, Sue Brown, Pat Rhodes, Larry Giannetti, Mary Zemansky, Linda Kovacs, Diane Kellenburger, Robin Benson-Harvey, Pam Miller, Bill Moylan
  Not Present:  Pete Klaeser, Tom Navarro, Cassandra Rozycki, Karen Lansdowne, Cecilia Bernal

Meeting called to order by Sue at 7:25

Motion to approve minutes postponed until next meeting since the secretary forgot to print out hard copy.  Unapproved minutes are available on the web site.

President's report: 

  • Sue announced appointments:
    • Instep Editor: Jen Smith
    • Webmaster: Mike Wilson
    • Statistician: Pete Klaeser
    • Timer: Pat Rhodes
    • GC Committee - Responsible for selecting 2004 GC awards and premium, review/update GC standards and addressing GC issues         
      • Cassandra Rozycki, Chairperson
      • Karen Venditti,
      • Robin Benson-Harvey
      • Karen Lansdowne
      • First two issues to address:
        1. There are currently 12-15 Clydesdales.  Will there be an official weigh-in? What if one does not meet the weight requirement? Purchase scale?
        2. Review current rules on tie-breaking situation. They are to present solutions to the Board at the March 12th board meeting.
  • Still need volunteers for AAU. 
  • GC awards to be Gold Cups for the anniversary year
  • Banquet reviews all good.  New facility well received.  Consider reserving tables for parties.
  • Looking to establish goals for the year
    • Beginning runners' program
    • Update Bylaws and add to web site

  • Projects assigned:
    1. Robin and/or Karen L., and Linda K. to get contracts for hall and caterer for 2004 xmas party and banquet and bring to March Board Meeting.
    2. Mary Z and Cassandra to review and propose changes and/or updates to current bylaws and constitution by end year.
    3. Diane K will get price quote for new banner.

Treasurer's report: Cecilia submitted a revenue and expenditure report for the year showing a positive variance of $493.95 for 2003 after total revenues of $25,060.53

Membership:  511 current count

Web site:  Submitted for competition.  Working on logos page.

Gold Cup: 

  • Count already at 179.  GC committee to review race standards.  12-15 Clydesdales.
  • Brickyard will change to Saturday July 3rd since the 4th is on a Sunday.
  • Committee to review tie-breaker.

Old Business:  

  • Still looking for a quilt maker.
  • Strider Survivor location yet to be determined for Aug 12 scheduled date.

New Business:

  • A slate was presented with no additional nominations.  All elected by voice vote.
  • GC race evaluations were assigned for the year
  • Need helpers at the GC table
  • Need to reprint newsletter shells with new GC logo.
  • Mike moved to move website hosting from CPE to Trico Graphics, 2nd by Diane, approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm

Next Meeting:  Thursday, March 11, 7:00pm at Omni 41

Submitted by bighal

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