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CRS Monthly Board Minutes


January 8, 2004

Location: OMNI 41

Present:  Sue Brown, Cassandra Rozycki, Larry Giannetti, Pat Rhodes, Mike Stiles, Pete Klaser, Jayne Willis, Mike Wilson, Robin Bensen-Harvey, Karen Lansdowne, Bill Moyland, Big Hal Slager

Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Sue.

No minutes available for approval; table to next month.

President's Report: The focus of the meeting involved the Gold Cup Banquet.  Detailed information under Gold Cup heading.

Treasurer's Report: No report available

Membership:  No report available

Web Site:  Mike Wilson continues to update and maintain information on web site. has been entered into a contest conducted by RRCA.  The web site contest is judged by other running clubs who have also entered the contest.  Mike will be judging 10 other web sites, just as ours will be judged.

INSTEP:  Deadline for submission 1/9.  Next edition to be distributed at Gold Cup Banquet and will include applications for JC/BS scholarship.

Statistician:  2003 results will be sent to local newspapers. Ready for 2004 season.

Gold Cup Banquet:

  • Reservation questions answered/clarified
  • Current count at 112 dinners
  • Set up scheduled for 3:30; cocktails begin at 4:30
  • Di Arias has arranged for projector and photo slide show
  • Broadcast message to go out as last minute reminder
  • Discussion of awards presentation/presenters
  • Assigned responsibilities as follows
    • Cassandra - Dining Club Cards / assist with Quilt Raffle
    • Pat - Quilt Raffle and singles for change
    • Robin - Name tags & INSTEP newsletter
    • Program book being written by Sue, printed by Trico

General Elections: Will be held at the next board meeting on 2/12 at 7:00pm @ Omni 41

Future Planning: Proposed dates for following.

  • Christmas Party December 10 or 11, 2004

  • Gold Cup Banquet January 22 or 23, 2005

  • Strider Survivor August 12, 2004

Jayne and Linda will look into pricing and availability for facility, caterer, and DJ for Christmas Party and 2004 season Gold Cup Banquet.  Cassandra will be in contact with Mike Jones to coordinate and arrange Strider Survivor at a site other than Imagination Glenn Park. 

New Member Jim Raymond attended meeting and introduced himself to the board.

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