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CRS Board Minutes

Calumet Region Striders

Board of Directors Meeting
November 13, 2003
Location: Omni 41


Mike Wilson, BigHal, Mike Stiles, Sue Brown, Pat Rhodes, Larry Giannetti, Jayne Willis, Pete Klaeser, Tom Navarro, Bill Moylan, Cassandra Rozycki, Mary Zemansky, Karen Lansdowne

Meeting called to order by Sue at 7:25


Motion to approve September and October minutes by Mike and 2nd by Karen, approved by voice vote.

President’s report:

  • Reviewed 2004 GC proposed schedule and current conflicts, extensive discussion on accepting new races.  Valentines Run (Valpo) and Running Wild (Michigan  City) were accepted.  Health Care Hustle is on deck pending an acceptable opening in the schedule.  The schedule needs to be set by December 4th.
  • No intention to raise dues for next year.
  • Lapel pins considered and Sue to get another estimate.
  • Times dining card presented as a fundraiser for the JC/BS funds.
  • JC/BS application for financial assistance presented.  Tabled for further review.
  • Review RRCA annual invoice.
  • 2002 taxes are done.  $360. in fees to have it done.  Should be less involved next year since so much research and catch-up work was required.
  • Evans Corporation accepted as a Bronze sponsor.
  • Sue wants to take USATF course for coaching training.  Cost is $125.
  • Sue to reserve a block of 20 rooms at the Embassy Suites for Mini Marathon runners.
  • Sue appointed Mike Wilson as the new web site editor effective upon Diane’s maternity leave.
  • Looking for a new source for getting the quilt made.


Treasurer’s report:


No report available again, many checks not issued and Sue to contact Cecilia to get up to date and review desire to continue.  Hal to assist if needed to get up to date.


No report available.

Web site:

Applications and forms need to be updated for 2004.  Website to be updated for Strider-ware sale.


Gold Cup:

Committee progressing with plans, Sue has followed up and “in good hands.”


Christmas Party:


Jayne says all plans on schedule.


Old Business:

  • Clydesdale competition standards:  Still to be established, Pete to write up for approval.  Web site application to be updated to include Clydes and Athenas.



New Business:


  • Proposal submitted by Neil Amling for a new award to be presented at the banquet.  Motion by Cas and 2nd by Karen to accept the “Junior Strider Special Achievement Award.”  Motion passed.
  • Motion by Mike Stiles to accept the Times Dining card as a fundraiser, 2nd by Mike Wilson, passed.
  • Cas moved to approve payment for USATF course for Sue to take, 2nd by Mike Stiles, approved.


Meeting adjourned at 9:20


Next Meeting:  Thursday, December 4, 7:00pm at Omni 41


Submitted by bighal