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CRS Board Minutes

October 9,
Location: Omni 41

Present: Diane Arias, BigHal, Mike Stiles, Sue Brown, Pat Rhodes, Karen Lansdowne, Jayne Willis, Pete Klaeser

Meeting called to order by Sue at 7:25

Motion to approve September minutes postponed until next meeting with hard copy for all board members.

President's Report: Sue to begin a beginning runners’ program in April.

Treasurer’s report: No report available.

Membership: No report available.

Web site: Up to date with help by Mike Wilson. Diane to review with Mike how to add the birthdays and keep it current with a fluid membership list.

INSTEP: Deadline for submissions is 7/19

Statistician: We should consider establishing some standards for Clydesdale competition.

Marathon: Aid station procedures were reviewed.

Sponsorship Committee: No report available.

Gold Cup:

  • Letters out to RD’s and race selection process has begun.
  • Banquet invites to go out in December.
  • Committee to be appointed by Sue. This will be a 25th anniversary party.

Christmas Party:

  • Invites to go out in November.

New Business:

  • Motion by Diane and second by Karen to invite and pay for the meals of the 4 lifetime members at the GC banquet. Passed unanimously


Meeting adjourned at 8:20

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 13, 7:00pm at Omni 41

Submitted by Bighal Slager, Secretary