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CRS Board Minutes

September 12,
Location: Omni 41

Present: BigHal, Larry Giannetti, Linda Kovacs, Cassandra Rozycki, Sue Brown, Pat Rhodes

Other Members present: None

Meeting called to order by Sue at 7:15

Minutes: Motion to approve August 21st minutes as corrected for date by Hal, second by Pat, passed unanimously

Treasurer’s report: No report available.

Membership: No report available.

Web site: Written report submitted and attached (insert here for web site). Discussion was conducted regarding member survey methods. The issue of photos on the web site was discussed. Web site stats indicate low usage. One idea is to not continue the photo gallery in it’s current format but rather pepper other pages with photos and create an archive mechanism for the gallery – more functionality rather than presentation.

INSTEP: Next issue due 10-25. Christmas party invites (12-11) to be included. September newsletter to include announcement.

Statistician: No report available.

Marathon: Volunteer count looking good. Plans in work for picnic.

Sponsorship Committee: No report available.

Gold Cup: Banquet 1-18-04 at Villa Cesare, Schererville

Old Business:


Meeting adjourned at 8:20

Next Meeting: Thursday, October 9, 7:00pm at Omni 41

Submitted by Bighal Slager, Secretary