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CRS Board Minutes

May 3,
Location: Kuchina Lansdowne's Home

Present: Sue Brown, Jayne Willis, Bill Moylan, BigHal, Larry Giannetti, Karen Lansdowne, Pete Klaeser, Linda Kovacs, Cassandra Rozycki

Other Members present: Chuck Lansdowne, Mary Zemanski,

Approval of minutes: Motion to approve minutes by Bill, second by Mary, approved.


Treasurer’s report:

VP Report: Cas is looking into travel packages for Strider group trips.

Membership: None

Web site:

  • Reviewed stats and noted that there is a large number of visits to the group run link, which is being routed to the message board so Diane will create a group run page with a link to the message board.
  • It was noted that index pages with sponsor logos are seldom accessed.

INSTEP: None, next distribution at Gallery Gallop

Statistician: All up to date. Standings submitted to Diane every week.

JCBS 1 mile race:

  • Need 10 volunteers at the finish line. OE to handle timing.
  • People to help on input before race.
  • Long chute since many will finish at same time.
  • Awards have been selected with a 2 year agreement to get better price.
  • Custom logo bibs ordered.

Gold Cup:

  • 15 members have completed every race to date.
  • Board members need to get race evaluations in – available in electronic format.
  • Just a little Run had walkers come in and scored as runners and fouled up the scoring.
  • Scramble Amble has been cancelled – RD transferred out of town
  • Chicago Distance Classic (20k) wants in the GC next year.
  • Michigan City race also wants to be considered.
  • Number of required races is the total number divided by 3 + 1 so we need to watch our total to keep required number at 10.

Old Business:

  • 2003 banquet location options presented.
  • Motion by Karen to move GC banquet to January 18th 2004 at Ville Ceasar in Schererville. 2nd by Linda. Passed unanimous.

New Business:

  • 2003 premium discussed. Get references from Cary Pentkowski. Also investigate hats.
  • Diane moved to form a committee to review web site advertising. A call out for committee help will be posted on the web site. 2nd by Larry, motion passed.
  • Strider Survivor Committee re-appointed but there needs to be a new idea to jazz it up.

Other: What else can we do for PR?

Next Meeting: Thursday, June 12th 7:00pm

Minutes submitted by Hal Slager, Secretary