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CRS Board Minutes

March 13,

Present: Sue Brown, Big Hal, Mike Stiles, Cecilia Bernal, Diane Arias, Ida Hey, Bill Moylan, Pete Klaeser, Cassandra of uncertain last name, and Linda Kovacs.

Approval of Minutes: Motion by Stiles, 2nd by Moylan. Discussion: Cassandra uncertain about her last name but accepted minutes as presented. Motion passes.


Membership – 540 members (46 new) and 171 GC.

Treasurers report – No report because the Treasurer just received another large envelope that would make a report incomplete until all new data entered.

Web Site report – Feb. President’s report is up, a button was added for direct link to results from race list, and member bytes added.

CRS race – Jim Cox/Bob Stevens 1 mile race – see new business

Statistician Report – should have all races to Diane within a week.

Presidents report – Gold Cup Race evaluations assigned to all Board members – no vote required.


Appoint Gold Cup Committee Karen Lansdowne, Chairman and Robin Bentsen-Harvey, Co-Chairman. Appointment by President, no ratification required. Discussion continued regarding location at the House of Lynwood since the majority of the club has shifted to Porter County. No decision reached at this time.

Sales Tax issue Bill determined that we need to apply for collection of sales tax if we are collecting sales on more than 30 days per year. Web site sales would put us over. Extensive discussion uncovered that there is a problem with web sales and shipping cost. It was determined to hold 3-4 Strider Wear sales per year and buy large quantities from the site to reduce our inventory and minimize shipping cost. This resulted in discussion to shut down the on line store.

On-line store – Motion to shut down on-line store by Slager, second by Cassandra, motion passed. Sales tax concern resolved.


CRS race The race committee presented the following changes to the board for approval:

Cost will be $15, including race day, or $7.50 for participants of Run for the Children5k (to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital), in Dyer the evening before.

Strider Gold Cup Series participants will receive Gold Cup Series points for the Bob Stevens/Jim Cox One Mile Sprint only if they participate in Run for the Children5k – also a Gold Cup Series event.

The Bob Stevens/Jim Cox One Mile Sprint is for the benefit of the Jim Cox Scholarship Fund and the Bob Stevens Disabled Runners’ Fund.

Motion to accept by Stiles, second by Arias, passes.

AAU Report by Joe Mis – 846 Athletes in winter event. Summer event to be held June 14 – 15 at Chesterton track. He is here to promote the National Cross Country race to come to NW Indiana in 2005 or 2007 if CRS will assist.

Motion by Slager to assist Joe Mis if he submits a bid that would bring the National Cross Country Race to Wicker Park every 4 to 5 years and the CRS would commit to providing 30-50 volunteers. Second by Stiles Motion passes unanimous.

Jim Cox Scholarships – Applications reviewed, 3 approved, 1 ineligible.

Motion by Cassandra to award 3 at $350., second by Slager, passes.

Other reports (once around):

  • Calumet Wellness Fair ? CRS will have a table.
  • Joe Arias to submit GC schedule to Casual Coast Planner.
  • Cassandra is the new RD for the Brickyard.
  • Linda – needs the Hall deposit for Christmas party 12/11/03, center pieces are already purchased.

Next meeting is April 10, 2003 at Omni 41. (Secretary Note: Secretary cannot make this meeting – someone please take notes, I can type later.)

Submitted by BIG Hal Slager, Secretary