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CRS Board Minutes

February 20, 2003

Present: Sue Brown, Big Hal, Mike Stiles, Larry Giannetti, Karen Lansdowne, Ida Hey, Bill Moylan, Pete Klaeser, Tom Navarro, Pat Rhodes

Elections: By unanimous vote the following members were elected without opposition.

President, Sue Brown
Vice President, Cassandra Rozycki-Craigin
Secretary, Big Hal Slager
Treasurer, Cecilia Bernal
Statisticians: Pete Klaeser, Tom Navarro, D Walter
Website Editor, Diane Arias
INSTEP Editor, Jen Smith
Porter County Members-at-Large: Diane Kellenburger, Mike Stiles, Larry Giannetti
Lake County Members-at-Large: Jayne Willis, Karen Lansdowne, Linda Kovacs
LaPorte County Member-at-Large: Mary Zemansky
Illinois Members-at-Large: Ida Hey, Bill Moylan

Membership: There were 525 members in 2002. We have received 34 new member applications since Christmas.

Treasurer Report: None (Treasurer not in attendance)

Gold Cup: None

Web Site Report: Diane Arias has agreed to take over the web site. A date is being set to review upload procedures for races and standings.

CRS Race: Jim Cox/Bob Stevens 1 mile race: Larry attended CARA race director’s seminar and returned with copious notes. Larry appreciated the board sending him to this and believes it to have been very worth while. Cost to the board was $25.

INSTEP: New editor, Jen Smith will take over next issue. New format will include a triathlon column and a continuation of the 26th mile column. New email for submissions is

President's Report:

  • AudioVox purchased for the benefit of RD’s and race functions.
  • AAU track meet this weekend – need help on afternoon shifts.
  • JC/BS race apps needed in the April newsletter
  • 2003 sponsorships are available $100, $250, $500, $1000.
  • Brickyard run – committee meeting March 6th and request presence of a Strider Board member.
  • All sponsors will be sent newsletters.

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Agenda for next meeting
to include but not limited to:

  • Create 2003 banquet committee
  • Report from Bill Moylan regarding sales tax requirements on Strider Wear.
  • Meeting adjourned after all newsletters were folded and stuffed.
  • Next meeting is March 13, 2003 at Omni 41.

Submitted by Big Hal Slager, Secretary