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About the Board Members


Sue Brown, Cecilia Bernal, Steve Gustas, Jayne Willis, Linda Kovacs, Brian Pawola, Big Hal Slager, Mike Stiles, Karen Lansdowne and Carolyn Vander Velde

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No minutes to approve.

Minutes/General Business:


Meeting started casually at Woodhollow Loft. Much was accomplished regarding the planning of the Strider Survivor Picnic with the assistance of hokey music and hearty ale.

Survivor Party discussion continued. A 50% increase in attendance is expected. Flyer is ready for next newsletter. A broadcast email will be sent to members for volunteers. Fun surprises planned. Otherwise it will be like last year’s party.

AAU Volunteers needed for upcoming meet.

Fitness Barn race met basically NONE of the guidelines. Motion was made and passed that we remove this race from next year’s calendar. Sue will notify the race director with her evaluation and our decision.

Gold Cup Premium will be sweatbands, or pins, or pens, or tea towels, maybe even a zipper pull. Sue will get the best value deal.

Treasurer Awesome Report. A 3 page balance sheet and revenue and expense report for our perusal. Too much to really digest so we all took a copy home to study.

Current membership list shows 501 individuals, 381 households and 212 Gold Cup members.

Christmas Party being excellently planned by Jayne, Linda and company. Will be Thursday, December 12, 6 to 10 p.m., at Family Life Center in Merrillville. Catered by Comfort Catering with cash bar. DJ, slide show, open mike snickers awards and any other recognition we can think of included. Cost will be $5 per member, $10 per guest, kids 12 & under free. Needs an RSVP. Attire – everything from sequins to cool casual. Motion passed to put up the $300 deposit on the hall.

Next meeting August 11.

Adjourned around 9:30 to fold newsletter stuffers. We appreciate Steve who has done this job solo too many times.


 Bob will do track workouts at Lake Central High School on Mondays at 6:30.