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Sue Brown, Brad Belush, Penny Glover, Diane Kellenburger, Cecelia Bernal, Bill Moylan, Ida Hey, Judi Klobuchar, Jayne Willis, Bryan Pawola, Rich Limacher, Carolyn Vander Velde
Not Present:

Meeting started at 7:15 p.m.

Minutes approved

Treasurer Report:

Brad No report

President's Report:

Date for Gold Cup Banquet either Saturday February 2 or Sunday January 20. Will get back to Carolyn next week with date.

The Bob Stevens flyers were donated by Mike Willis’ company UBS/Paine Webber. Flyers will be distributed at Banquet.

Gold Cup schedule will add the Spring Fling on April 27, Hometown on Sept 14, and Omni on Oct 5.

Discussion about whether to add Clydesdale divisions. To clarify tie breakers in Gold Cup races Ida motioned that there be two first places then a third place. Motion carried.

Email from Walt Minard re: participation from mid-pack and slower runners. For example – an award for finishing exactly in the middle. Tabled until January.

Sue will seek clarification on 2 paragraphs of the RRCA Liability Insurance.

General Business:


Will check out Munster Community Center for Christmas Party.


We now have 500 members. Discussion of some celebratory thing at the banquet – like stickers or something.


Two people ran all GC races – Dennis Rotz and Bob Hooper

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m. in favor of a party featuring wild and crazy marathon war stories.

Respectfully submitted by Carolyn Vander Velde