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Sue Brown, Pat Rhodes, Hal Slager, Brad Belush, Cecelia Bernal,
Diane Kellenberger, Jayne Willis, Ida Hey, Bill Moylan, Carolyn Vander Velde
Not Present:

Treasurer Report:
Brad No report, just bills noted - $120.23 marathon water station
donuts, food $288.90; Internet Hosting $150.00 for 4th quarter 2001; OE for Sept
newsletter postage $146.25.

President's Report:

Sue Open meeting switched to November 8 after board meeting. Board to bring snacks.

We now have a tax-exempt card for STAPLES.

Bank will not allow business debit card.

Indy Mini will not be in 2002 GC Series but we will not schedule a race on that date.

Hal will work the CRS table at the Omni race for Bill.

The mandatory Race Director meeting for the 2002 GC will be November 29 at 7pm at Omni.

Banquet invitations to go out by December 5.

INSTEP will combine OCT/NOV. Deadline is within 5 days. All GC results through marathon will be published.

Steve to solicit committee members for monthly distribution effective January. Search for new printer for newsletter shell.

Senior Games will be promoted. Run to Work Day recognition will be at Banquet due to Sept 11 tragedy.

General Business:

Voted to increase family membership to $20. Current application will combine Strider Membership and GC membership. Race list and description will be separate. Renewal apps to go out with December newsletter.

Hal Website improving radically. Standings will be updated within a few days. Race apps will be on line, RRCA logo will be on site. Send suggested links to Diane Kellenberger.

Misc Support Rody Dodd's race 10/21 Valpo Fairgrounds
Support Run the Mounds 11/4 Anderson, IN

Carolyn to design Banquet Invitations and check with Calumet Blue Print re: printing. Banquet speaker will be Jeff Graves of the Indy Mini.

Cecelia reports 498 members, 384 households and 212 GC members.

Adjourned at 9 pm

Respectfully Submitted by Carolyn Vander Velde