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  • Budget meeting began at 6:30 pm with Sue Brown, Hal Slager and Carolyn
    Vander Velde in attendance
  • The regular meeting began at 7:30 pm. Additional attendees were Dianne
    Kellenberger, Brad Belush, Penny Glover, Bill Moylan, Steve Gustas and
    guest Tom Navarro
Not Present:

Minutes of July & Aug approved

Treasurer Report:
Assets listed by treasurer were noted and a discussion and listing of all
expenses that we could think of was made. Hal will make a spreadsheet and
a trial balance sheet. Sue will get a debit card to facilitate spending. A
qualified volunteer is needed to maintain the spreadsheet.  

President's Report: Sue Brown
Kudos to Strider Survivor party committee and volunteers. Great Party. .
Marathon water stop needs 150 more volunteers. Premiums are jackets and hats.
Work from 7:30 am to about 2:30 pm on race day.

General Business:

Discussion held on whether to add Indi Mini Marathon to the Gold Cup
series. Silent vote taken - 5 no and 3 yes. Sue will poll the other board members.
Hal pointed out that since that race is so popular with CRS members we
will not have a GC race that weekend so that members can run that one,
possibly as an organized outing.

With the new race evaluation form, we will be evaluating every race on
the GC circuit to keep it high quality and interesting.

Website not done yet. Will get 2000 info off the site and 2001 info on.
Bulletin Board is up and functioning.

The Run to Work event on Sept 12 will have press coverage in Indiana

Will be absent from the Omni race

Next meeting will be on October 11. Theme will be war stories on the
marathon and will have refreshments.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm in torrential rain.

Submitted by Carolyn