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  • Jean Tolchinsky, President
  • Sandy Hackett, Vice President
  • Sue Brown, Secretary
  • Brad Belush, Treasurer
  • Rick Draves Members At Large
  • Shirle Kowalisyn, Membership Chairperson
  • Jen Smith, Instep Editor
  • Phyllis Hansen, Web Site Editor
  • Pat Rhodes, Ida Hey, Past Officers
  • Bill Moylan, Statistician
  • Bryan Pawola, Hal Slager Members-At-Large

November Board meeting minutes were read,accepted, and approved. The December meeting was adjourned early by the President due to lack of attendance. No minutes were prepared.

  • February 24, 2000 7:30 pm General Meeting/Election
  • February 25, 26, 27, 2000 AAU Indoor Meet/MHS Contact Phil Hey to Volunteer
  • March 23, 2000 7:30 pm General Meeting
  • April 27, 2000 7:30 pm General Meeting

Gold Cup: The Heart & Sole is tentative due to the recent acquisition by St. James Hospital. It was suggested to put an excerpt in the newsletter advising the members. Mark McKeigue(Race Director) will be meeting with the owners of the hospital in the near future to discuss same.

The Hammond Track Club is recognized as a Gold Sponsor($500) for 2000.

257 runners participated in the Midwinter Frolic 5K.

Fleece shorts have been priced(Gold Cup premium) at $8.75 & $9.75 for (XXL.) Approximate budget(12 doz/144 @$ 8.75=$1,200)

A gift cetificate will be purchased for Jac Walter in recognition and appreciation for all his prior servies as Gold cup Chair.

Order of agenda for banquet and presentation of evening's events discussed and delegated. Door prizes to include two strider memberships, six gym bags, and various donations by race directors/local merchants.
Membership: Shirle reports 54 Gold Cup participants. Newsletters to 134 households.

Web site:
  • Gold Cup Application needs to be updated on the Web site to reflect the applicant's age as of July 1, 2000
  • Buckley 5 miler requests link to Web site. Should we charge for this? It was suggested that there be a fee for non-Gold Cup races only. to be determined
  • Need 2000 Gold Cup Race Schedule w/Race Directors listed somewhere on site.

Misc.: Dan Nalbor's thank you note with regards to the Jim Cox Scholarship was read and recognized.

The Park Forest Running Club has dissolved their Bob Stevens Fund and has generously donated the remaining proceeds($3,084.87) to the CRS Disabled Runer's Fund which now gives us enough money to buy Greg Mitro's wheelchair. Presentation of the check to be made at the banquet.
Treasurer Report:
CRS Balance:
Bob Stevens Disabled Fund:

Jim Cox Fund:

Expenses:$250.00 holiday party; $1,944.00-119 trophies; $594.43 newsletter duplication/mailing
Monies received: $2,308.00 (17 race fees); $1,619.00 CRS memberships; $324.00 donations Bob Stevens Disabled Runners Fund; $180.00 donation Jim Cox Memorial/Scholarship; $161.00 raffle tickets; 4 additional race fee checks to Treasurer for deposit.