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  • Jean Tolchinsky, President
  • Sue Brown, Secretary
  • Brad Belush, Treasurer
  • Bryan Pawola, Rick Draves, Members At Large
  • Shirle Kowalisyn, Membership Chairperson
  • Bill Moylan, Statistician
  • Pat Rhodes, Ida Hey, Past Officers
September minutes were read, approved, and accepted. Kathy and Brian Murray from the Pancake Forest Running Club were present for the purpose of petitioning the Board for consideration in accepting their race, The Midwinter Frolic, as an official Gold Cup Race for 2000. The 5K race is scheduled for January 9, 2000 in Park Forest, Illinois. The Board, after finding that the race meets all the required standards, unanimously moved to accept the race as the Strider's first Gold Cup Race of 2000. This notice is to be immediately posted on the website, and included on this month's newsletter prior to distribution. The Board especially noted that all participants will receive an award at this race.
Jean advised that she mailed Race Director Packets as well as 2000 Gold Cup Race Application forms to all race directors that participated in the race series in 1999. The deadline for race directors to return 2000 applications to Jean is December 1, 1999. Inquiries have been made by, and race applications will be mailed to the Valparaiso Firefighters 5K, and the Kingfish Half-Marathon for consideration in the 2000 Gold Cup Series. The next Gold Cup organizational meeting will be Thursday, December 2, 1999 at 7:30 at the Highland Public Library at which time the committee will prepare a proposed 2000 Gold Cup race schedule. The Board will approve and vote on the 2000 Gold Cup Series race schedule at the next CRS Board Meeting on Thursday, December 9, 1999 at 7:30 p.m. at the Highland Public Library. A Race Director meeting will be coordinated in late January or early February 2000. Discussion was held on whether to continue with the general meetings due to lack of interest and attendance. General meetings are held in the months of September, October, November, February, March, April, and May. We are still without a program director. Ida Hey has a program director description for anyone interested. It was decided that the general meetings would continue at this time pending further discussion. It was suggested that Jeff Wagner be asked to assist with the November general meeting.
Membership Report: Shirle Kowalisyn handed out membership packets to all Board members for distribution to runners who express interest in joining the Striders. Our current membership includes 268 households.
A motion was passed that the price for a 2000 Strider membership will remain the same. ($15.00 individual/$28.00 family). Likewise, the cost for the 2000 Gold Cup Series will also remain the same ($15.00 member / $20.00 non-member). The $140.00 race fee requirement for all 2000 Gold Cup races will also remain intact.
The Striders will again conduct a quilt raffle. The tickets will cost $1.00 each. We will begin selling tickets as soon as they are printed. The drawing will be held at the Strider Banquet on January 15, 2000. The difference in this year's raffle will be that the winner will provide their own favorite t-shirts for the quilt. The club will pay for the expense of having the quilt made. All proceeds from this raffle will benefit the Bob Stevens Disabled Running Fund, and the club's first project with this fund in to providing CRS Greg Mitro with a new wheelchair.
Ida Hey moved that the $300.00 that the Striders won for the BEST waterstop at the Heart & Sole Race be equally divided into the Bob Stevens Disabled Runners Fund, and the Jim Cox Memorial Fund. So passed.
Volunteers are need for the AAU Cross Country Meet in Hammond on November 7, 1999. The Holiday Party will be Thursday, December 30, 1999 at Ruby's Restaurant.
The Gold Cup Banquet will be Saturday, January 15, 2000 at the House of Lynwood, Lynwood, IL. It was decided that due to time restraints, we would not have a speaker at the banquet.

Treasurer Report:
CRS Balance:
Bob Stevens Disabled Fund:
Jim Cox Fund:
Recent donations to the Jim Cox Memorial Fund included separate donations in the amount of $20.00 and $50.00 in the name Betsy Ross (Ida Hey's sister) who died of cancer this year.
Patty Lynch was awarded a $50.00 gift certificate from Jimmy's Athletics for past service on the Board of Directors.
Bryan proposed that Hal Slager and his staff be commended for all his work on the website in the form of a gold sponsorship for his company (Trico Graphics). This matter was bound over for further discussion at the next meeting.
Next Board Meeting - Thursday, December 9, 1999, 7:30 p.m., Highland Public Library.
Meeting adjourned.