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CRS Elite Series Scoring Rules

Gold Cup Elite Series Competition


The Striders Gold Cup Elite Series is a series consisting of select qualifying road races. These races will be a subset of the Gold Cup races and will be selected after the Gold Cup schedule has been decided each year. The purpose of this competition is to allow the most competitive adult runners in our club to compete in a fair competition that rewards speed at various distances in road racing.

Ringing in Spring 10K
Saturday April 6, 2019
Trail Run Xtreme 12K
Monday May 27, 2019
Running Wild for the Washington Park Zoo 5K
Sunday July 14, 2019
Buckley 5 Miler
Saturday July 20, 2019
Rotary Ramble 5K
Saturday August 10, 2019
Grub Run 5K
Saturday October 19, 2019
5K Arctic Dash
Saturday December 7, 2019

The Elite Series is free and is included in the Gold Cup membership. Every Gold Cup runner 19 or older (age on July 1) is eligible to score Elite Series Overall points and Gold Cup runners 40 or older (age on July 1) are eligible to score Elite Series Masters points. In order to qualify to be part of the Elite Series, a runner must score elite points in at least one Elite Series race. In 2019 there will be 7 Elite Series races, but only a maximum of 5 scores will count for an Overall award or for a Masters award. However, runners do not need to complete 5 Elite Series races to qualify for Elite Series awards. The runner with the most points after the final race will win the competition. See the scoring rules below for more information on how the races are scored.

As part of the Elite Series, runners will be given the option to purchase an Elite Series premium. This may be a shirt or jacket. The runner will have to pay a discounted price for the premium and are not required to purchase the premium. Only Elite Series participants will be allowed to order the premium and only a quantity of one per year. To be eligible for the premium, an athlete must compete in and score in a minimum of one Qualifying Race during each year of the series. The Elite Series award winners will receive the premium for free.

There will be an award for the top 3 Overall runners in both the male and female divisions as well as top male and female Masters. The Masters winner will be the top runner age 40 or over (age on July 1) after the top 3 Overall award winners are pulled out. In order to be eligible for an Elite Series award, the runner MUST complete their 10 Gold Cup races. Winning an Elite Series award will exempt a runner from the other overall, masters, age grade or age group Gold Cup awards. There will be no double ups in any category. A runner cannot opt out of an Elite Series award. However, any runner not wanting to compete in the Elite Series, but still wanting to compete in Gold Cup, can do so, but it must be done prior to or within 7 days of the final Elite Series race. It is highly recommended that you opt out as soon as possible. Part of this competition is to allow the runners to know the competition. A runner that decides to opt out, is not considered part of the Elite Series and will not have any of the rights or privileges of the Elite Series runners including purchasing the Elite Series premium. Runners must be 19 or older (age on July 1) to participate in the Elite Series.


The total score for each athlete in a series will consist of points earned from a maximum of 5 Qualifying Races during that one-year cycle.

At the conclusion of each Qualifying Race, the top five male and female Gold Cup finishers are awarded points based on their finish place.

Points are awarded following each race as follows:
1st place
25 points
2nd place
15 points
3rd place
10 points
4th place
5 points
5th place
1 point

Disputed results must be resolved by the Statistician within 15 days of the completion of an individual race. Elite Series Overall points and Elite Series Masters points will be displayed in the individual Elite Series Race Results.

The champions of the Elite Series will be the man and the woman who score the greatest number of points from 5 Qualifying Races during the one-year scoring period.

During each scoring period, points from a maximum of 5 Qualifying Races will be scored. If an athlete earns points in more than 5 events, the athlete's highest 5 finishes will be scored. In order to qualify, an athlete must compete in and score in at least one Qualifying Race during the scoring period and complete 10 Gold Cup races.

In the event of a tie, the winner shall be determined using the following tie-breaker:

  1. The athlete with the best head-to-head record during the period (including all Elite Series Qualifying Races in the period, not just scoring races) will be declared the winner. Only the fact that one athlete finished ahead of the other will be taken into account and not by how many places or distance of the race.
  2. If there is still a tie, the following tie-breakers will be used in descending order until the tie is broken:

  3. The athlete who has achieved his or her points in the fewest races.
  4. The athlete who won 1st overall in the most Elite Series Qualifying Races during the period.

If an athlete starts a race but for any reason does not complete it, he or she shall for the purposes of tie-breakers 1 and 2 above will be treated as having taken part in the event with zero points.


At the end of the year, Overall and Masters winners receive jackets and awards at banquet. Qualifiers can purchase jackets.