Tom Magill

Tom Magill

Life Member

Tom Magill has been a Calumet Region Strider since 2002 and is an active participant in the Gold Cup Series. Completing ten Gold Cup races in a season is an accomplishment for any runner, but even more awesome for a 90 year "young" man. He is an inspiration and proof that age is just a number.

At his birthday celebration, he talked about his beginnings as a runner. After health issues, Tom's doctor encouraged him to become much more active and take charge of his well-being. He decided to take up running and ran alone for several years until meeting his wife Carol. She was the driving force getting him involved in races and joining the Striders.

Tom, several Strider friends, and other running friends ran the Mackinac Island 8-Mile Run around Mackinac Island in Michigan as part of his 90th birthday celebration on September 8, 2018.

Mackinac Island 8-Mile Run Results

The Calumet Region Striders is proud to present Tom Magill with a Lifetime Membership in recognition of his longevity, dedication and ambassadorship to the sport of running.

~ Story by Barb Hamner

Barb Hamner presented the plaque to Tom and received the following from him which she would like to share:

I would like to thank you and the entire Board for my being awarded a Lifetime Membership in the Calumet Region Striders. As I looked at those who have been named before me, I am both proud and humbled to be so recognized to become part of that group. I am often told that I inspire others to share the running life style, but anything I might do is nothing compared to what I have received by being part of the Strider community. When I joined the Striders, I made the effort to know and support someone in every age group. The dividends I have received are so much more than anything I ever expected and continue to be my inspiration. Stride on!

Tom Magill