Michele Hale

Michele Hale


The primary responsibilities of the position of President include:

  1. The President shall be the chief officer of CRS, shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors or general membership at which she/he is present, and in general shall perform all duties incident as may from time to time be assigned to
  2. Other responsibilities to include: Bulk mailing of Instep, Help with needs, supplies of other Committees, Sponsorship of new merchandise/products.
  3. Inspire Daily The Calumet region Striders Running Club.

I was inspired to start running while watching my sister Christine cross the finish line of the Disney Marathon and "high five" Minnie. It was a truly up-lifting experience.

I have been running since September 27,1997. Hospital Hustle was my first race - I had to take walk breaks during this what seemed to be LONG 5K. Since crossing that finish line I describe myself as an addict. Since then I've competed in over 425 races - 27 of which were full marathons and 45 half marathons. I have a VERY supportive and understanding family.


As I head into my 3rd Consecutive term as Club President,I plan on Heading up a WW walk it event, Reach Membership goal of 1,000 members.To promote Growth of CRS, And to INSPIRE DAILY The Calumet Region Striders.


This year we just missed the goal of 1,000 Members we did have over 900, Hopefully this goal will be reached next year.We were one of 20 locations selected to Host a Weight Watcher Walk it Day. With Participation over 500 the Striders had the Biggest turn out of all.This was a Great way for Striders to meet with many first time 5K participants .I was VERY Proud to Reach my Fundraising goal of $50,000 over the past ten years running on Opportunity Enterprises Marathon Team,I was also Honored to be selected as one of ten that would become part of the Official campaign for The Chicago Marathon,It was an Awesome experience that I will cherish forever. Also new in 2010 the Chicago Marathon begin a New Award called The Pat Rhodes Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award, I was Very Honored to be there during the ceremony that it was given to the first years recipient Pat Onines.


As President this year my goal is to stay involved with:

  • The needs of our Members
  • Promotion and growth of our club
  • I would like to see membership grow to 1,000 during my 2nd term
  • Race evaluations so we can process the feedback from everyone
  • Our Social Events
  • Putting together RRCA Coaching Certification classes and
  • Sponsorship from various vendors

I'm currently working with Fuel Belt Sponsorship programs for our club and Saucony for apparel.


My first term as President was amazing. With the help of the Board, it made my job run a lot smoother. My husband also became more involved by becoming the Aide Station Captain at the Chicago Marathon. Just when I thought I knew everything about what went into running, through him I have learned much more. I look forward to serving the Calumet Region Striders as President again this year as I truly have a passion for running and I am a true believer in what the Calumet Region Striders stand for.


I thought I knew everything about the needs of a runner from head to toe, then I took a position at Dick's Sporting Good's Store as The Running Specialist. After many hours of training and testing it is always a pleasure to share everything I have taken in not only with The Striders but many new runners, some who have become Striders.


I was Vice President of the Calumet Region Striders. I felt honored at first then overwhelmed. Our club is run like a business. It takes a lot of work - volunteer work. It's the dedication of the entire board that makes our club what it is.


This was an amazing year for me as I ran 4 full marathons in 6 months - 2 of which were only 5 days apart (Boston was one of them). Running that marathon gave me a feeling as no other one has. When I qualified for it in 2003 at Chicago, the rush it gave me still has not gone away. I also had the chance to run in Orlando, Nashville, Vegas, Indy, Cincinnati, South Carolina and twice in New York.

I have run the Chicago Marathon the past 8 years with Opportunity Enterprises. They are a not-for-profit organization that helps out mentally and physically challenged individuals in Lake and Porter counties Indiana. I head up the Lake County Marathon team training program. Helping out others less fortunate than yourself is another one of those feelings that is so awesome. Words can't describe it. I am a certified running coach with the RRCA. I also have coaching certification through ASEP.

I run -

  • to keep my weight under control
  • to keep my stress level down
  • with my sister and friends
  • because I have a passion for it
  • because it makes my internal Happy switches go on

Stride On,