Ed Caccavale

Ed Caccavale

Committee Chair
Running Coordinator
Crown Point

The chair of this committee is responsible:

  1. to oversee and periodically attend all Strider related weekly group runs. This person should have a good understanding of location, distance and paces.
  2. for promoting our group runs and running related social activities to help the members of the club reach their personal fitness goals in a fun and social setting.
  3. to maintain communication with all group run leaders and members of the club who are interested in running or training and to be available to answer any questions about these runs to our members and interested runners.
  4. Optional - Organize a long run program for fall marathoners and/or start a 5K training program leading up to a Strider race like Run 4 the Roses.

I ran my first ever race at the Hub Run in 2016. While I was there I noticed the Gold Cup table. When I got home I looked up the Striders and decided I wanted to join.

I didn't know anyone but just started showing up at races and hanging around the Gold Cup table. Barb and the rest of the members were so nice to me and I made many more friends. I even found the love of my life through the Striders.

Now I want to be there helping other new runners find local running groups. So if you are a old member or new runner just ask and I will let you know where and when we have group runs.

I look forward to working with everyone and serving on the board for years to come.

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