Deanna Grimes

Deanna Grimes

Committee Chair
Public Relations

The chair of this committee is responsible to:

  1. Act as liaison between the Board of Directors, the media and its club members;
  2. Maintain the club's Facebook account;
  3. Be responsible for reaching out to its club members with information via a social media outlet or by mass email;
  4. Report to the local newspapers or other media outlet about strider-related news and/or events.


I joined in the Calumet Region Striders in 2009 and ran my first Gold Cup series in 2010 after joining a Strider half marathon training program. Since then I have run a lot races at many different distances. I am currently working my way toward the 50 states marathon club. As I am typing this I have completed 9 states. I love running and especially running with my fellow Striders. At the end of 2014 I had my first baby so these days you can see me out pushing a stroller or training for another marathon. I do have many favorite Strider races though so you will still see me out at the races.

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