Vacant Position

Vacant Position

Committee Chair
Bylaws and Stevens-Hamilton Disabled Runner Fund

The purpose of this standing committee shall be:

  1. to assist the Board of Directors at monthly board meetings when it comes to following procedure;
  2. to initiate, consider, draft and make recommendations on proposed amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws, and/or Articles of Incorporation of the Calumet Region Striders; and
  3. to evaluate and oversee the Stevens-Hamilton Disabled Runners Fund, which includes both the application process and the distribution of funds to recipients.
  4. to assist the Nominations Committee regarding elections. The Bylaws Committee chair shall not be a voting member of the Nominations committee but shall only supervise and assist the committee.

All proposed amendment(s) to the Bylaws and/or Constitution shall be fully considered by this Committee. All proposed amendments considered by the Bylaws Committee must be provided in writing and given to the Board of Directors no later than ten (10) calendar days prior to the next Board of Directors meeting. At which time, the Amendment to Bylaws provision as described in Article XII must be followed.

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