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Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
May 8, 2008

Location: Omni Health Club - Schererville, IN

Michele HalePresident
Robin Benson-HarveyVice President
Nicolette HuberSecretary
Cecilia BernalTreasurer
Joanne KaglerNominations, Bylaws & Disabled Runner Fund
Ruth BonacciMembership & Volunteers
Mary ZemanskyGold Cup & Sponsored Race Series
Linda KovacsSocial & Sponsorship
Sue Brown-NickersonRunner Programs & Scholarships
Mike WilsonWebmaster & Statistician
Cassandra LangleyINSTEP Editor
Polly TheisingStrider Wear Coordinator

Meeting Called to order at 6:45 pm by Michele Hale.

Guests: None

Absent: Joanne Kagler and Ruth Bonacci

Verbal resignation given by Linda Kovacs.

Motion to approve January minutes: 1st by Robin Benson-Harvey, 2nd by Mary Zemansky

Motion to approve April minutes after corrections made: 1st by Robin Benson-Harvey, 2nd by Cecilia Bernal

President's Report (Michele Hale):

  • New Business
    • Gold Cup table transportation
    • Blue Label shirts
      Possible new Striderwear: selling price of $6.00 per shirt and $11 per jacket
      Tabled for next month
    • AAU Volunteers
      None at this time
    • RRCA Coaching Class September 20 & 21 2008 at Courtyard Marriott in Hammond, Indiana
      • President offering her spot in class to Sue Brown-Nickerson
      • Send out information to general club membership to see if anyone else interested in attending class
      • Must fill out coaching application and have it submitted to Board
    • RRCA Convention 2009 is in San Diego, California
    • Will be ordering 300 beach towels for CRS premium
    • Motion (by Sue Brown-Nickerson) that funds from the banquet silent auction in the amount of $1019 to be dispersed to Michelle, Robin, and Sue now that receipts have been afforded to account for RRCA Convention Board expenses and travel.
    • June INSTEP dates
      • Submissions due May 15
      • Go to print May 19
      • Pick up May 23
      • Mail on May 27
  • Old Business
    • Get tubs from Misty

Vice President's Report (Robin Benson-Harvey):

  • Enjoyed RRCA
    CRS is in place with by-laws compared to other clubs in the United States

Treasurer's Report (Cecilia Bernal):

  • Complete accounts
    Total Households:365
    Total Members:451
    Total Gold Cup:279
    Jim Cox:

  • Contact accountant about what can be used as possible tax deductions when filing personal taxes
    • Accountant the CRS Board utilizes, states that it is race by race decision and Race Directors determine what part of entry fee is deductible.
    • Possibility to have Race Directors put tax deductible information on race entries
  • Need to take old tent and membership card to COSTCO for even exchange

Secretary's Report (Nicolette Huber):

  • Contact Ruth Bonacci to inquire on continuing her position on the CRS Board

Gold Cup & Sponsored Race Series (Mary Zemansky):

  • New Business
    • Assign Raters for May/June races
      • Field Station Frenzy: Robin Benson-Harvey
      • Munster Rotary Run: Mary Zemansky
      • Firecracker: Robin Benson-Harvey
    • Friendship Race Applications: need to locate them
    • Zoo Run date: will continue to be on July 12, 2008
  • Old Business
    • Review draft items for Sponsored Series Race applications
      • On race applications, with their liability waiver should CRS be included on it?
      • Should RRCA have list of races that Striders' sponsor?
      • Tabled due to more research on this topic

Social & Sponsorship (provided by Robin Benson-Harvey):

  • June 7, 2009 Railcats game
    • As of today, 54 tickets sold

Runner Programs & Scholarships (Sue Brown-Nickerson):

  • New Business
    • Youth Program Committee Report from 4-21-08 meeting
    • After discussion, motion to modify CRS logo to replace the 5 dots with NW Indiana 1st by Mary Zemansky, 2nd by Robin Benson-Harvey
    • Clarify Extreme Race GC points for Jr. Striders
      • Will continue with Race Directors age group requirements: 13 & 14 year old to do 1 mile for Gold Cup Scoring.
      • Post on Strider website
    • Indiana RRCA race series - 3 races; enter Strider team; first race is Rotary Ramble 5k; need captain and/or committee chair to coordinate Strider team
      • Need minimum of 5 people to race
      • Give opportunity for networking
    • Cecilia confirms RRCA email names and addresses are included in the membership information sent to RRCA. Sue confirms that they are not being sold or provided by RRCA for solicitation purposes but used to send quarterly email blast to RRCA members with link to Quarterly Footnotes Newsletter.
    • Received board approval 8-0 to award Amber Gloyeske $350 Jim Cox Scholarship; congratulatory letter sent by CRS Board & Committee
  • Old Business

Membership & Volunteers (Ruth Bonacci):

INSTEP Editor's Report (Cassandra Langley):

StriderWear Coordinator's Report (Polly Theising):

Webmaster & Statistician's Report (Mike Wilson):

  • New Business
    • Update on bulk e-mail trial
      • 3000 emails allowed per month
      • Allowed up to 500 email addresses
      • Equivalent up to 6 emails a month
    • Setting up online payments for membership/Gold Cup fees via PayPal and clarify when it is instituted
      To allow convenience for members to pay, possibility to increase Strider membership $0.50
  • Old Business

Next meeting: Thursday June 12, 2008 6:30pm at Real Life Community Church, Portage, Indiana

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm by Michele Hale.

Minutes submitted by: Nicolette Huber

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