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Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
April 10, 2008

Location: Real Life Community Church - Portage, IN

Michele HalePresident
Robin Benson-HarveyVice President
Nicolette HuberSecretary
Cecilia BernalTreasurer
Joanne KaglerNominations, Bylaws & Disabled Runner Fund
Ruth BonacciMembership & Volunteers
Mary ZemanskyGold Cup & Sponsored Race Series
Linda KovacsSocial & Sponsorship
Sue Brown-NickersonRunner Programs & Scholarships
Mike WilsonWebmaster & Statistician
Cassandra LangleyINSTEP Editor
Polly TheisingStrider Wear Coordinator

Meeting Called to order at 6:40 pm by Michele Hale.

Guests: None

Absent: Cecilia Bernal, Linda Kovacs, Mary Zemansky, Ruth Bonacci

Motion to approve January minutes: Tabled for correction: Mary Zemansky's information being excluded in minutes. Continues to be tabled

Motion to approve March minutes: 1st by Robin Benson-Harvey, 2nd by Joanne Kagler

President's Report (Michele Hale):

  • New Business
    • Gold Cup table (discussed under Gold Cup Series)
    • Supplies: If any supplies needed, give Michele information at least 1 week ahead of time of requiring them
    • Storage unit: In need of shelves
    • Sponsor incentives: Amending sponsorship document
      • $250-$500 include membership and Gold Cup Series membership
      • Bronze just receives membership
    • Approval for RRCA Convention
    • Old clock: picked up (it went to Todd Henderlong for parts)
    • Reminder - tax forms are due May 15
    • Scholarship recipient: only 1 application received
    • Contact for AAU volunteers
      • Sue Brown-Nickerson will now be contact individual
    • May INSTEP dates
      • Submissions due April 17
      • Go to print April 21
      • Pick up April 25
      • Mail on April 29
  • Old Business
    • Michele and Robin will have sample ideas and prices for Gold Cup premium at next meeting
      • Motion to approve having a beach towel as this year's premium. 1st Joanne Kagler, 2nd Robin Benson-Harvey
    • Will provide an RRCA agenda and budget for approval at next meeting along with inventory sheets from items at auction
      • Silent auction raised $1019
      • Motion to approve $500 of club funds to be applied to send 2 board members to 2008 RRCA conference. 1st Nicolette Huber, 2nd Joanne Kagler
      • Motion club to fund $50 for Michele Didion's guest ticket. 1st Nicolette Huber, 2nd Joanne Kagler

Vice President's Report (Robin Benson-Harvey):

  • Striderwear updates
    • Mid-winter cruise: 21
    • Valentine 5K run: 26
    • St. Paul School Spirit run: 23
    • Running with Irish: 27
    • LaPorte YMCA Run 10K: 17
    • Ringing in Spring: 26
  • Banquet trophy status
    • Only 1 trophy left to hand out

Treasurer's Report (Cecilia Bernal):

  • Complete accounts
    Total Members:413
    Total Households:345
    Total Gold Cup:275
    Jim Cox:
  • Contact accountant about what can be used as possible tax deductions when filing personal taxes Tabled due to Cecilia being absent

Secretary's Report (Nicolette Huber):

Gold Cup & Sponsored Race Series (Mary Zemansky):

  • New Business
    • Assign raters for May races
      • Run For Shelter: Joanne Kagler, Robin Benson-Harvey
      • Gallery Gallop: Joanne Kagler
      • 2 Big Hearts Foundation: Robin Benson-Harvey
      • Memorial Day Trail Run: Nicolette Huber, Sue Brown-Nickerson
      • Field Station Frenzy:
    • Gold Cup Table
  • Old Business
    • Review draft items for Sponsored Series Race applications Tabled due to Mary Zemansky being absent
      • On race applications, with their liability waiver should CRS be included on it?
      • Should RRCA have list of races that Striders' sponsor?

Social & Sponsorship (Linda Kovacs):

  • Confirmation of Railcat games
    • $100.00 deposits were made for both 6/7/08 & 7/12/08 games
    • Confirmed that 7/12/08 picnic & game we will receive our towels before the general public
    • Orders for the 6/7/08 game were sent out in the April newsletter
    • Orders for 7/12/08 game & picnic will go out in the May newsletter

Runner Programs & Scholarships (Sue Brown-Nickerson):

  • New Business
    • April 21, 2008 will be having meeting with coaches for AAU
      • AAU Track and Field Meet June 14/15 2008 at Chesterton High School
      • Field events start 8:30am
      • Running events start at 10:00am
  • Old Business
    • $65 tent cover needs to be replaced
      • What will it take to offer renewal by credit card?
      • Constant Contact - broadcast email - 60 day trial period

Membership & Volunteers (Ruth Bonacci):

INSTEP Editor's Report (Cassandra Langley):

StriderWear Coordinator's Report (Polly Theising):

Webmaster & Statistician's Report (Mike Wilson):

  • New Business
    • For mass emailing system
      • IContact - you can send up to 3,000 emails for $10 month. 20% discount for non-for-profit organizations. 15 day trial available.
      • Motion to accept IContact for mass emailing system for 1 year. 1st Joanne Kagler, 2nd Robin Benson-Harvey
  • Old Business
    • Discuss issue of having the ability to sell items (memberships, clothes, banquet fees, etc.) from our web site. Appears that this capability can now be bundled with other services we are interested in such as mass emailing (for marketing, surveys, newsletters, etc.) I would expect the cost of these new features to increase the cost of our web site by $1000-$2000 per year. This may be opportune time to form a committee to create a new design for the web site
      • Selling items online attempted before with no success. Will remember for future reference

Next meeting: Thursday May 8, 2008 6:30pm at Omni Health Club - Schererville, IN

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm by Michele Hale.

Minutes submitted by: Nicolette Huber

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