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Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
January 10, 2008

Location: Real Life Community Church - Portage, IN

Michele HalePresident
Robin Benson-HarveyVice President
Misty ChandosSecretary
Cecilia BernalTreasurer
Frank JohnsonNominations, Bylaws & Disabled Runner Fund
Ruth BonacciMembership & Volunteers
Mary ZemanskyGold Cup & Sponsored Race Series
Linda KovacsSocial & Sponsorship
Sue Brown-NickersonRunner Programs & Scholarships
Mike WilsonWebmaster & Statistician

Guests: Polly Theising

Absent: Michele Hale, Linda Kovacs, Mary Zemansky, Ruth Bonacci, Frank Johnson, Misty Chandos

Meeting called to order at 6:40 PM by Robin Benson-Harvey.

Motion to Approve December minutes - Tabled, quorum not present.

President's Report:

  • New Business
    • Ballots - We WILL NOT mail ballots as no one was opposed and ONLY 1 person accepted nomination for each position that was up for renewal- I will contact each of them and make sure they attend the February meeting where they will start the 2 year positions they have been elected for
    • Volunteer Awards -
      Cassandra can print any awards or certificates needed
      Pat Rhodes Volunteer Award - nominations still open? Only one per year and as needed? Take one of his old medals mounted on a plaque with award plate.
      Incorporate into elections/ballot next year.
      RRCA Volunteer Award - Mike Wilson, Cecilia Bernal
      Recommendation to incorporate volunteer of the month recognized in INSTEP
    • Sue and Polly will be in charge of Gold Cup Table for Mid-Winter 5k
    • Appointed positions should be revisited at the February 2008 Election meeting
      Cassandra Langley is applying for the INSTEP Editor Position
      Polly Theising has been appointed and has accepted Strider Wear Coordinator Position
    • Strider Wear - Polly has record of inventory, and will be bringing articles to Gold Cup Banquet (mostly winter wear). Inventory totals about $4,800 based on sale price (MSRP). Request for reorder of Strider socks and white Strider running cap? Put on agenda for next meeting. Incorporate old "Jim Cox Strider t-shirts" to have Wanda make pillows to sell or something.
    • Committee Meetings need to be set and established. Recommendation is to have one per quarter. Once dates are all selected, have them posted on the web site, announced in newsletter, and added to calendar.
    • February INSTEP - due 17/print 21/pick up 24/mail 28 - Who is stuffing (Ruth)?
    • Corrected award will be given to Pete at Gold Cup Banquet
    • Silent Auction for RRCA expenses
      Box of Chicago Marathon gear (Robin), Poster with signatures (Robin)
    • Race Evaluations
      Mid-Winter - Robin BH, ? / Valentine - Sue BN, Robin BH / St Paul - Cecilia B, Robin BH
    • AAU Callouts
      Meet is February 15, 16 & 17, Merrillville High school, over 1,000 athletes expected to participate. Ruth will have sign up sheet at the Banquet. Sue requests to go over the volunteer list with Ruth to assign positions
  • Old Business
    • Collect scrap books from Misty and take to storage
    • Plug in clock to see if it works
    • March INSTEP Dates:
      • Submissions due February 21st
      • Print on February 25th
      • Pick up February 29th
      • Stuff on March 1 & 2
      • Mailed on March 3
    • Next meeting: Thursday, February 21, 6:30, PM @ Omni Schererville, In.

Vice President's Report:

  • Award Presentations - Men & Women by Mike Wilson, Jr. Striders by Sue BN, LDS by Mary Zemansky
  • DJ will arrive at 4:30 and stay until 10:00, request to pay through dinner
  • Robin BH will take photos using Sue BN's camera
  • Logo in color this year on trophies, plaques to sponsors
  • 142 RSVP to date

Treasurer's Report:

  • Complete accounts
    Total Members:595
    Total Households:482
    Jim Cox:
  • Paid RRCA dues $956.13 and Insurance $1151.27, paid on 419 households
  • 33 GC renewals to date

Secretary's Report:

INSTEP Editor's Report:

Webmaster & Statistician's Report:

  • Deleted message board button
  • No feedback from RRCA web contest
  • In process of updating all dated information to match 2008

Gold Cup & Sponsored Race Series:

  1. Need race mentors for Valpo Mini and Firecracker 5K. Main requirements are to check in by phone a couple of times and be a resource to answer questions.
  2. Need two raters for Valentine Run.
  3. LDS has 22 completed apps. Does anyone know Shane Van Kley? He did not answer his email and has not turned in a form, but evidently paid the fee.
  4. 5 potential sponsored series races thus far, but none has paid the fee that I am aware of (check with Cecilia).
  5. In development: Dave Macknick's proposal for an overall award for 2008. He will write up a final proposal and Mike and I will review it. Probably will announce it at banquet.
  6. Trail Series is coming along and will be announced at the banquet.
  7. I would like to propose two items for the banquet:
    1. purchase corsages for all Board members to wear with our name tags to identify ourselves to members
    2. designate attending race directors in some way (special name tags?).

Social & Sponsorship:

Runner Programs & Scholarships:

  • Committee and scheduled meetings will be submitted next meeting

Membership & Volunteers:

Next meeting: Thursday February 21 Omni 41, Schererville, IN

Meeting adjourned at 7:54 PM by Robin Benson-Harvey.

Minutes submitted by: Cassandra Langley

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