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Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
September 13, 2007

Location: Frank Johnson's Home, Schererville, IN

Michele HalePresident
Robin Benson-HarveyVice President
Misty ChandosSecretary
Cecilia BernalTreasurer
Frank JohnsonNominationing, Bylaws & Disabled Runner; INSTEP Editor
Ruth BonacciMembership & Volunteers
Mary ZemanskyGold Cup & Sponsored Race Series
Linda KovacsSocial & Sponsorship
Sue BrownRunner Programs & Scholarships

Guests: Cassandra Langley

Absent: Ruth Bonacci, Misty Chandos, Mike Wilson, Mary Zemansky

Meeting called to order at 7:15 PM by Michele Hale.

August minutes approved 1st by Robin, 2nd by Frank. Change to be submitted by: Michele Hale

President's Report:

  • New Business
    • By-Laws - 2nd round of voting approved pending changes
    • All Bio's are updated
    • Bricks - Cecilia will call to order both-Pay $100 for Bills & contact Rasch family for approval
    • Time clock for sale - Have Misty plug in to check if it works
    • Panera Donation has been requested by Michele
    • Coffee donation-Michele Hot chocolate- Sue
    • Lounsbury's stuffing September Newsletters
    • Darrell Hale appointed Aide Station Captain - 1st by Sue 2nd by Ruth
    • Jim Cox awards ordered
    • See if Niccki Huber can pick up dougnuts
    • Shoe mobile coming to Omni
    • Frank needs to train Nicolette Huber to do Instep
    • Remove following Sponsors from newsletter - Accelerated, Human Race and Buck's bike shop-DONE
    • ADD Fuel Belt to Shell -DONE
    • All Sponsored races have to go through Mary for approval
    • Contact the Cox family about presenting awards at Fall frolic-Sue will contact
    • $100 budget to buy ribbons in Memory of Pat-1st by Robin 2nd by Linda
    • Every board member has to bring a quote for a storage facility to next months meeting
  • Old Business
    • Need to find Storage for Strider stuff ( time clock, scrapbooks, etc.)
    • Scrapbooks are at Misty's.
    • Todd will be storing clock & using at GC races.

Vice President's Report:

  • Show your striderwear at races and get entered into a raffle
  • Brickyard 19, Mich City Zoo 18, Friendship 43, Buckley 16, Rotary Ramble 21, Hometown 46, Park Forrest 26
  • Whistle blower Policy- TABLED

Treasurer's Report:

  • Complete accounts
    Total Members: 
    Total Households: 
    Jim Cox:

Secretary's Report:

INSTEP Editor's Report:

  • Submissions due on the 20th
  • Go to print on the 25rd
  • Pick up on the 28th

Webmaster & Statistician's Report:

Gold Cup & Sponsored Race Series:

  • Finalize raters for year including Cal City-Sue
  • Propose that 10/12 be set as DEADLINE for race packet applications for 2008
  • Soliciting suggestions for new 2008 races And for replacing current races ( or putting them on probation)
  • should we OFFICIALLY include a trail running series ( based on XYZ)
  • Choose Gold Cup Races and submit to Chicago athlete Magazine

Social & Sponsorship:

  • Awaiting reply on Invitations
  • December 7: Holiday Party (2-Pinatas)

Runner Programs & Scholarships:

  • I am anticipating that we will have 50 kids run the district meet this fall. I would like to use some of the monies from Taltree to put towards the kids individual memberships. Projecting 50 @ $12 that would be about $600. I know we still have at least that amount remaining. I've been keeping track of what we have been spending monies on and can bring on Thursday- Motion approved 1st by Robin 2nd by Cecilia to be used for RETURNING AAU kids in good standings
  • AAU Individual Membership Form. Complete form and return to Strider Coaches at training locations by Wednesday October 10th at no expense to you.This fee will be paid from Calumet Region Striders youth program donation from Talltree 10 race
  • Motion to give $100 to RRCA Kids run the nation program. 1st by Linda 2nd by-Frank

Membership & Volunteers:

  • Marathon 180 volunteers

Next meeting: Thursday October 11th 6:30PM @ Mary Zemansky's office Chesterton

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM by Michele

Minutes submitted by: Michele Hale

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