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Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
May 10, 2007

Location: Real Life Community Church, Portage, IN

Michele HalePresident
Robin Benson-HarveyVice President
Misty ChandosSecretary
Cecilia BernalTreasurer
Frank JohnsonNominationing, Bylaws & Disabled Runner; INSTEP Editor
Ruth BonacciMembership & Volunteers
Mary ZemanskyGold Cup & Sponsored Race Series
Linda KovacsSocial & Sponsorship
Sue BrownRunner Programs & Scholarships
Mike WilsonWebmaster & Statistician
(Note: All position titles have been updated for the minues and for the "About The Board" section on the website to be consistent with wording in D R A F T Bylaws.)

Guests: Pat Rhodes, Duane Schmidt - Pastor, Real Life Community Church

Excused: Cecilia Bernal, Misty Chandos, Linda Kovacs

Meeting called to order at 6:39 PM by Michele Hale.

April minutes tabled until next meeting.

President's Report:

  • New Business
    • Pat Rhodes displayed medal for having been elected to the Indiana High School Swiiming & Diving Hall of Fame. Announcement will be placed on the web site.
    • AAU track meet - Strider Bucks given for 4 hour shift.
    • RRCA Convention (Sue) recap
    • Possible NIKE Sponsorship
    • Jim Cox plaque - discussed what to do with it. Will present to Jim Cox family if they want it.
    • Robin will present Jim Cox scholarship.
    • Still need bio material from Ruth and Frank for Meet the Board section of web site.
    • Length of position -
      Years of Terms (For first term under new Constitution to create staggered terms):
      President -2 Years
      Vice president-1 Year
      Treasurer-2 Years
      Secretary 1-Year
      Nominationing, Bylaws & Disabled Runner Chair -2 Years
      Membership & Volunteers - 1 Year
      Gold Cup & Sponsored Race Series Chair - 1 Year
      Social & Sponsorship Chair - 2 Years
      Runner Programs & Scholarships Chair - 2 Years
    • Just A Little Run contact issues.
    • Mailed out membership renewal reminders.
    • Dave Myroup will pick up newsletters from OE.
    • 2007 Gold Cup Premium - 29th years - keep budget at $5 this year
      Potential Gold Cup Premiums (bags/backpacks/magnets & holders)
    • Michele has contacts for significant discounts on Strider Wear. Sue will check silk screening costs.
  • Old Business
    • Discussion of suggestion to award Life Membership to past Presidents with two years of service. Motion by: Robin, second by Mary - Motion Carried. Cecilia and Robin will research who should be considered.
    • Scrapbooks - update from Pat? Pat has them and is working on them. Getting them ready to go to Griffith Library

Vice President's Report:

  • Update on Railcats outing - 98 seats sold, sugggest use of online poll to develop options for next year.
  • Robin has bulk mail stamp.
  • Jim Cox scholarship to be presented on 5/16.
  • Show Your Strider Wear - suggestions: at each race, have a raffle for wearers of Strider Wear; updated membership form to order Strider Wear; "clearance" sale; mail option for orders.

Treasurer's Report:

  • Complete accounts
    Total Members:?
    Total Households:?
    Jim Cox:

Secretary's Report:

  • Beginner Runner Program call out update
  • Do Wrap Up Date
  • Some Strider Wear on back order.
  • Seeking approval to order hats - motion by Sue, second by Robin. Approved.
  • RRCA Class update - test submitted

INSTEP Editor's Report:

  • Print 415 newsletters - submissions due 5/17, printing 5/22, ASSIGN stuffers, determine inserts needed
  • Bylaws Update
  • Use news email.
  • Striderbucks $10.00 per stuffing session , not per person.
  • Suggestions from RRCA Meeting: Use December issue for "The Year in Review" theme; suggested emphasis on "faces, friends & me" for content; suggested that CRS furnish "Strider Finish Tape" for all races so that any pictures will advertise Striders.
  • Discussion of creating Sports Information Director position

Webmaster & Statistician's Report:

  • Delay in making updates last 30 days because of significant computer upgrade.

Gold Cup & Sponsored Race Series:

  • Status of race apps (Buckley, Rotary Ramble & Hometown)
  • Sponsored Series Add-on need raters. (Field Station Frenzy 5K & Firecracker 5K.
  • Newest sponsor - Dr. Chanbo Sim.
  • Draft Letter outlining Sponsorship Program
  • Discussed use of Broadcast e-mails for alerting members to races not listed in GC/SS - decided OK as long as no conflict with GC/SS and doesn't use CRS membership list.

Social & Sponsorship:

  • August 18 - Strider Picnic following Hometown Run
  • December 7: Holiday Party

Runner Programs & Scholarships:

  • March 22 RRCA Report
  • Expect approximately $2000 income from Taltree - suggest 10% of income to Jim Cox Scholarship fund. Sue will provide proposal for budget/income procedures.
  • For insurance coverage, RRCA covers long distance running/walking participation only; AAU covers track & field participation.

Membership & Volunteers:

  • - resource for 501C3 board members.
  • Karen Spoor -

Next meeting: Thursday 6:30 PM June 14 - Ruth Bonacci's Home (cook-out at 6:00 PM), Chesterton.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM by Michele

Minutes submitted by: Mike Wilson

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