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Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
April 12, 2007

Location: Real Life Community Church, Portage, IN

Michele HalePresident
Robin Benson-HarveyVice President
Cecilia BernalTreasurer
Ruth BonacciMembership & Volunteers
Mary ZemanskyGold Cup Series & Sponsors
Sue BrownRunner Programs & Scholarships
Linda KovacsSocial Events & Communication
Mike WilsonWebmaster & Statistician

Guests: Pat Rhodes, Duane Schmidt - Pastor, Real Life Community Church

Excused: Misty Chandos, Frank Johnson

Meeting called to order at 6:44 PM by Michele Hale.

January minutes approved. Motion by Robin, Second by Mary.

February minutes approved with correction (President's spending limit was approved as $100.). Motion by Robin, Second by Mary.

March minutes approved. Motion by Robin, Second by Mary.

Discussion: Item's tabled in a meeting should be on the next month's agenda for resolution.

President's Report:

  • New Business
    • Discussion on how to establish a time limit for specific topics to ensure meeting moves forward and covers all agenda items.
    • RRCA recap (Once a month we will read a report from attendee).
    • PUC Fitness Fair recap (Pat Rhodes) - Great - Jack Potter helped on the first day; donated Strider Bucks back to Striders.
    • Jim Cox plaque - discussed what to do with it. Will present to Jim Cox family if they want it.
    • Joe Mis letter - just a confirmation; no action required.
    • Robin or Steve to present Jim Cox scholarship.
    • Still need bio material from Ruth and Frank for Meet the Board section of web site.
    • Donated case of paper to OE.
    • Richard Gutierrez passed ASEP.
    • Length of position - discussion on which positions should initially be one year term or two year term, decided ?, motion?
      Mike to send link for Bylaws to board members. Please review for discussion at May board meeting.
    • Tax forms due on May 15 - Cecilia indicated that usually file extension to August 15.
    • Mentor for Just A Little Run - Michele selected.
    • Discussion of problems with Ringing in Spring regarding the use of chips. Will recommend that participants be reminded to put on chip by persons handing out race packets.
    • Michele nominated for recognition by OE/Kiwanis.
    • Fuel Belts will be sending products for distribution to race directors. Decided to add Fuel Belt as a sponsor on web pages. Mary will find definition/procedures for sponsors.
    • Letter from Shirle Kowalisyn circulated for all to see.
  • Old Business
    • Discussion of suggestion to award Life Membership to past Presidents with two years of service. Motion by: ?, second by: ? Cecilia and Robin will research who should be considered.
    • Scrapbooks - update from Pat? Pat has them and is working on them.

Vice President's Report:

  • 50/50 raffle collected $44. Bob Hudnall was the winner.
  • Next 50/50 raffle will be at the Friendship Race in July.?
  • Update of Railcats outing - 100 seats reserved, Mike will put announcement on web site.
  • Deposit for Gold Cup banquet
  • RRCA - discussion of need to add/create "Whistle Blower Policy" to be in compliance with 501c3.

Treasurer's Report:

  • Complete accounts
    Total Members:406
    Total Households:337
    Jim Cox:

Secretary's Report:

  • Beginner Runner Program call out meeting April 24, 2007, Omni 41, 6:30pm
  • Goal race will be Hometown 5k
  • Some Strider Wear on back order.
  • Seeking approval to order hats - motion by Sue, second by Robin. Approved.
  • Discussion of purchasing an inventory of socks; Motion by Robin for 50 pairs, Second by Linda, Approved.
  • Request for hotel reimbursement for training class: Decision to pay for class but not other expenses.

INSTEP Editor's Report:

  • Print ? newsletters - submissions due 4/19, printing 4/24, ASSIGN stuffers, determine inserts needed
  • Announcements to include: (list per board requests)
  • Use news email.
  • Doran Lousbury will be stuffing this month.
  • Striderbucks $10.00 per stuffing session , not per person.

Webmaster's Report:

  • Requested reimbursement for $50 CARA Club Circuit Team fee - Cecilia provided check.
  • Added information on web site as to why it's important to sign-in at the Gold Cup table.

Gold Cup Series & Sponsors:

  • Update of race apps (Munster & Washington Park)
  • Assign table coverage through June.
  • Need rater for Achieving MileStones sponsored race.
  • Discussion of Sunset Hill race apps - should not include race apps at the Gold Cup table even though CRS is providing timing services for a fee. Sponsorship requires an additional fee.
  • Coordinating extra race apps with Gold Cup table coverage person to ensure apps are placed in the rack.
  • Discussed substituting a race in LDS.
  • Discussed chips, backup tape and Gold Cup points - nothing is infallible; need to have backup in case of failures.

Social Events & Communication:

  • Railcats vs. Joliet Jackhammers on Saturday 6/9/07 6:00 PM. Tickets are $9 each. Mail Check to: Robin Benson-Harvey; 418 Ruta Dr, Apt 926; Hobart, IN 46342
  • August 18 - Strider Picnic following Hometown Run
  • December 7: Holiday Party

Runner Programs & Scholarships:

Membership & Volunteers:

  • Report of conversation with Shirle regarding Ida Hey.
  • Feasibility of getting Omni and /or Duneland Health and Wellness to offer a winter membership to members of CRS (cut sign-up fee or eliminate, monthly rate that is not like a walk-in rate).
  • Hall of Fame - will help coordinate.
  • A CRS booklet to offer new/prospective new members.
  • Taste of Running idea to recruit new members
  • Volunteers for Valpo Mini
  • Keeping track of volunteer hours.
  • Have created an e-mail database of about 125 contacts for volunteers.

Next meeting: Thursday 6:30 PM May 10 Real Life Community Church, Portage.

Meeting adjourned at 8:47 PM by Michele

Minutes submitted by: Mike Wilson

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