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Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
February 8, 2007

Location: Omni 41, Schererville, IN

Michele HaleVice President
Misty ChandosSecretary
Cecilia BernalTreasurer
Frank JohnsonINSTEP Editor
Sue BrownPast President, Youth Coordinator
Mike WilsonWebmaster & Statistician

Members at Large:

Porter County Lake County LaPorte County Illinois
Ruth Bonacci
Steve Kearney
Robin Benson-Harvey
Linda Kovacs
Pat Rhodes
Mary Zemansky

Guests: Brian Norrick, Jim Raymond, Bob Hooper, Nicolette Huber

Excused: Cassandra Rozycki. Bryan Pawola

Meeting called to order at 7:15 PM by Michele Hale.

Existing minutes need to be revised - not approved, Chandos will revise and submit

President's Report:

  • New Business
    • RRCA request for donation letter received - discuss charitable donation and level (Sue brown suggested we donate money to get advertisement on the RRCA Convention Club Sponsor page).
    • PUC Fitness Fair - application received- Brian Norrick and Pat Rhodes will attend fair for club.
    • OE - Todd Henderlong stepped down from marathon duties. CRS will continue to support and promote OE Marathon Team where able.
    • Committee chairs should begin recruiting and coming up with lists of potential members for committee - some names collected
    • Establish email addresses
    • Announce election results on web ASAP & in INSTEP
    • Update meet the board on web site - send bio or UPDATE by April board meeting
    • CD = determine investment option and amount to be invested
    • Motion to reinvest $15000.00 into CD and deposit interest into Jim Cox fund, 1st by Robin, 2nd by Linda- Approved. Cecelia will do research and decide where to invest. ( Bank)
    • Update information on RRCA website - officers once established- Bios due by April 8th
    • Cassandra purchased & Provided Microsoft XP program to Frank for editing capability of INSTEP. Cassandra will assist in coordinating communication and printing of newsletter with OE to assure smooth transition and continuation of donated printing.
    • Cassandra paid for Richard Gutierrez's ASEP training and sent email to Richard. Has not received communication back. Requires follow-up to assure he received log on information and understands guidelines (I copied someone on this email- Sue?)
    • Frank Johnson already paid for his own ASEP training. Submit receipt for reimbursement.
    • Cassandra provided remaining boxes of Strider files & supplies to board. Will meet with new officers to provide check book and any signatures needed before or at March 2007 board meeting.
    • Robin has president's binder - Cassandra needs to transition information into officer & committee binders. (I left it at banquet)
    • BQ postcard sent to Patrice Lawson - extras provided for future use
  • Old Business
    • Review of spending summary and proposed budget
    • Determine delegates to represent CRS at RRCA convention (minimum of 4 attendees?)
    • Scholarship committee should receive applications and plan review prior to voting and announcement of recipients - Tabled
    • Timing Chips - Todd Henderlong is contact. New committee should contact and provide email contact info.
    • Scrapbooks - update from Pat? Pat has them and is working on them.

Vice President's Report:

  • Picnic status - After Hometown 5K race
  • Dues & Fees - change for 2008?
  • Connie Karras contacted Michele and will be returning the sponsorship folder.

Treasurer's Report:

  • CD's cashed & deposited to accounts.
  • Complete accounts
    Total Members:
    Total Households:
    Jim Cox:

Secretary's Report:

  • Beginner Runner Program call out meeting April 24, 2007, Omni 41, 6:30pm
  • Goal race will be Hometown 5k
  • Striderwear- Brooks is sending samples of new apparel for a bigger selection for out members. Will be at next board meeting.
  • New orders due on March 16, 2007

INSTEP Editor's Report:

  • Print 520 newsletters - submissions due 2/16, printing 2/20, ASSIGN stuffers, determine inserts needed
  • Announcements to include: (list per board requests)
  • Use news email.
  • Sally Cook is interested in stuffing newsletter in the future. Ruth will discuss the responsibilities and duties with her.
  • Steve Kearney will be stuffing this month.
  • Striderbucks $10.00 per stuffing session , not per person.

Webmaster's Report:

  • Marathon Results- automatic Boston Qualifier will be added to the BQ Page on site
  • Motion for Mike to decide what Charity to donate to in honor of Dennis Lambert, $50.00 donation to be made by striders, 1st by Chandos, 2nd Zemansky- Approved.
  • Suggested that Past Presidents become life members? Tabled.

Gold Cup Series Chair Report:

  • Valpo Mini apps for insert, sponsored race, will be inserted
  • XYZ Series? We will mail XYZ blank for $50.00 fee but individual races will need to pay another $50.00 fee for sponsorship dues.
  • We have one LDS award left over from Banquet, please let Mary know if someone asks about it.
  • Mary has an entry to the Grandma's marathon if anyone is interested, please contact her or Ruth.

Gold Cup Banquet Recap:

  • 200 people attended, 10 no shows, 4 were pre-paid and 6 were invoiced for bill.
  • We have 2 sponsor awards 1) Dr. Bruce Williams and 2) OE ( Ruth will deliver to Dr. Williams and Steve will deliver to OE.
  • Next year suggestions: Less talking over Mic during dinner, newsletter shouldn't be stuffed at event, talking should be started half hour after meal has begun, DJ will need to be there for entire event and we will use his mic for awards, tables will still be reserved for members by request.

Youth Coordinator's Report:

  • AAU update for Feb Indoor- still need volunteers, sign up at Valentines race
  • Sports Legends Nominations- Sue nominated Joe Mis, Carey Pinkowski, Bryce Drew
  • Jim Raymond would like to nominate within our club for these types of nominations. Next time that will be considered.
  • Sue is now on RRCA mailing list, will be informed of all events.
  • Striderbucks will be mailed out to volunteers after considering time they were there.
  • We need new white board for the GC table

New Calumet Region Strider Board of Directors 2007

(Votes were tallied by Mike Wilson using software he had written. Mike collected the ballots from the Chesterton PO Box, Robin brought the ballots collected at the Gold Cup Banquet and the MidWinter Cruise and several ballots were received at the meeting prior to 7:00 PM. All ballots will be retained for 90 days.)

President = Michele Hale
Vice-President = Robin Benson-Harvey
Treasurer = Cecilia Bernal
Secretary =Misty Chandos
Nomination/Bylaw/Disabled Runner Fund Chair = Frank Johnson
Membership/Volunteers Chair = Ruth Bonacci
Gold Cup/Series Chair/Sponsors Chair = Mary Zemansky
Runner Programs/Scholarship Chair = Sue Brown
Social Events/Communication Chair = Linda Kovacs
WEBMASTER = Mike Wilson
INSTEP EDITOR = Frank Johnson

Minutes from meeting with 9 elected board members:

  • Michele would like to have board meeting held in different locations letting each board member host a meeting. Michele will make a calendar for next meeting.
  • Spending limits for President without board approval (limit of $100 approved)
  • Ruth will email all committee info to the chair of that committee to gather and arrange separate meetings.
  • RRCA Convention:
    • We will send Sue, Michele, Misty, Linda, Cecilia and Frank. Some may go both days and some only one depending on the topics at seminars.
    • Motion to approve the club to pay the $250.00 entry fee for 5 members to represent the club, 1st by Robin, 2nd by Linda- Approved
  • Laptop computer investment for club for Secretary to use at meetings or other members in need of use. - Tabled.
  • Holiday Party for 2007 will use the same type of invites that we use for the banquet.
  • Mike will design business cards for strider board and create email address for board members.

Next meeting: Thursday 7:00 PM March 8 OMNI 41.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM by Michele

Minutes submitted by: Misty Chandos

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