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Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
January 11, 2007

Location: Omni 41, Schererville, IN

Cassandra RozyckiPresident
Michele HaleVice President
Cecilia BernalTreasurer
Frank JohnsonINSTEP Editor
Sue BrownPast President, Youth Coordinator
Mike WilsonWebmaster & Statistician

Members at Large:

Porter County Lake County LaPorte County Illinois
Lawrence Giannetti
Polly Theising
Robin Benson-Harvey
Linda Kovacs
Pat Rhodes
Lee Alvarez

Guests: None

Excused: Misty Chandos, Bryan Pawola, Mary Zemansky, Ruth Bonacci (Steve arriving late), Bob Hudnall, Dave Myroup

Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM by Cassandra.

Motion to approve the December 2006 minutes with correction (Steve was in attendence but was late). 1st by Robin, 2nd by Polly - Approved.

President's Report:

  • New Business
    • Committee chairs should submit a spending summary and a proposal for calendar '07 at the Feb meeting for the new board (table for new members to discuss)
    • Sue is assisting in RRCA club president selection. Discussion to send Striders to RRCA meeting; tabled for future board members to discuss.
    • RRCA representatives/attendees & budgeting $250.00 for entry fee, Friday and Saturday
    • Update Scholarship forms & contact person!
  • Old Business
    • Timing Chip Update: They charge $13.00 per chip with an ankle strap and $11.00 per chip without an ankle strap. We must also cover shipping charges from Australia and any import fees and duties to the US Government (Approx $200). Also should consider number of participants in races in 2006 v/s chips needed. (Cassandra researched pro's and con's... suggested not to pursue any further for 2007.)
    • Computer presented to OE
    • The new constitution has been accepted by a vote of 33 Accepted As Presented, 2 Reject Proposed.
    • Ballots copied and ready to be assembled for mail. Copy reviewed by Board. Will need to keep ballots for 90 days. Motion to approve- first by Ruth, second by Robin.
    • Sponsorship to Larry still needs consideration (Rozycki)
    • On-line coaching course $25. Need link & info to get signed up. (Frank, Richard)
    • Scrap books to library? Pat Rhodes is working on this.
    • Defining committees and compiling job descriptions - assemble binder for each - Cass is working on this. Will be ready for 2007 Board Members - IN PROGRESS
    • Magnets received
    • Dr. Chambo Sim expressed an interest in becoming a sponsor
    • Connie Karras still has possession of Sponsorship Folder & all contact information (will make new folder for sponsors and contact information)

Vice President's Report:

  • Picnic..(Michele needed deposit to reserve the park) $50.00 deposit
  • Dues & Fees..discussion to increase dues tabled for future board - first by Ruth second by Robin..unanimously approved
  • Runners Blog discussed.
  • Girls on the Run donation

Treasurer's Report:

  • CD's cashed & deposited to accounts (interest $754.00). Cecilia will email Bryan.
  • Complete accounts
    Total Members:584
    Total Households:496
    Jim Cox:

Secretary's Report:

  • No updates.

INSTEP Editor's Report:

  • Print 510 newsletters - submissions due 1/19 printing 1/24, stuffers ? (increase to 530 newsletter)
  • Include: Scholarship announcement, AAU announcement, race apps
  • Frank Johnson will be trained for this position 2007.

Webmaster's Report:

  • Entered Strider website in the RRCA website contest.
  • 2007 GC schedule on website
  • Suggested all board members create an e-mail address on Strider website (

Gold Cup Series Chair Report:

  • 20 LDS awards ordered
  • Outstanding application fees for Pumpkin Prance
  • BOZ sponsored event, potential for Valpo Mini?
  • E-mail reminders to evaluate events
  • traveling of GC table
  • Motion to send Mike Wilson to CARA awards banquet to represent the Striders. First by Robin, Second by Ruth..unanimously approved.

Gold Cup Banquet Report:

  • Banquet January 27, 2007
  • RSVP = 127
  • Needs? (all trophies were ordered and ready for pick up)

Youth Coordinator's Report:

  • Donations/reimbursements for AAU XC national travel expenses
  • Suggest revision to Youth GC Schedule to eliminate Cal City Mini & Chicago Marathon
  • Have insert for January newsletter for volunteers AAU meet from Joe Mis
  • CD @ Peoples Bank. They mature on 12/29/06. Current interest rate is 4.44% but that rate cannot be guaranteed for renewal. I'll watch the papers because I think Horizon has a 5%+ interest rate now ( Pawola will look into this)

RRCA Convention Reminder

I just wanted to send you a reminder of our next meeting date set for Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 3:00 PM at JJ Twig's, 150 South Northwest Highway, Palatine, IL - RRCA Convention

Next meeting: Thursday February 8 OMNI 41. All members invited to vote.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM by Cassandra

Minutes submitted by: Misty Chandos

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