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CRS Monthly Board Minutes

Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
June 8, 2006

Location: Omni 41 - Schererville, IN.

In Attendance:

Cassandra RozyckiPresident
Michele HaleVice President
Misty ChandosSecretary
Mike WilsonWebmaster
Connie KarrasINSTEP Editor
Sue BrownPast President

Members at Large:

Porter County Lake County LaPorte County Illinois
Ruth Bonacci
Lawrence Giannetti
Steve Kearney
Polly Theising
Bob Hudnall
Linda Kovacs
Pat Rhodes
Mary Zemansky  

Guests: Ida Hey, Kevin Lysn (Lake County Parks) NWI Community Games

Excused: Bryan Pawola, Cecilia Bernal

Meeting called to order at 7:13 PM by Michele .

Motion to approve the May 2006 minutes by Kearney and 2nd by Zemansky - Approved.

President's Report:

    • July submissions due by Monday, June 19 5:00pm. Print on Wednesday. Mail following Monday. LIST SPONSORS
    • Deadline date for August newsletter submission will be due the 17th of July (orange highlight on web calendars)
    • Stuffers - Char Groet volunteered, Ruth Bonacci will pick up Scenic 10 apps and get them to Cass, Ruth has offered to help stuff newsletter this month
  • Old Business
    • Bob Stevens Fund Runner Assistance - committee-Tabled (Cass will contact Hal on this issue)
    • Sponsorship information - update (New Sponsor St. John Sports-working with Misty Chandos with new striderwear and other items)
    • Strider Wear Orders due. Chandos will handle ordering of Striderwear and Beginner Runner attire. Order to be placed withing the next few days. Payment will need to be made to St. John Sports from the Striderwear Fund. Coaches shirts will be ordered and paid by the club. (Up to 20 shirts)
    • Misty will find out from St. John Sports if they are a Hind dealer, so Sue can possibly order the junior striders from St. John Sports.
    • Cass will look into additional pricing with purchasing towels and Misty will look into screening or embroidering for GC premiums.
    • Volunteer update to help out at the AAU Outdoor Track Meets in June and July. Dates are on website.
    • Sue Brown needs Junior Strider membership updates from Cecilia
    • Bylaw updates-Tabled
    • RRCA assistance in 2007-club members should utilize the footnotes on the RRCA website, there is a lot of info on running and encouragement, etc.
  • New Business
    • Nike Run Hit volunteers-open to Striders-Michele will try to get 25 volunteers for water stop. Junior Striders are too young for late race start, maybe other members would be interested.
    • Progressive Marathon Leg Captain/Date? Not needed - they have enough leg captains.
      PFPC needs support from the Striders. Motion to promote Progressive Marathon on Strider website as a sponsorship donation from us to them . 1st by Kearney, 2nd by Robin Benson-Harvey. Approved.
    • Begin sending out GC 2007 application packets/compile list of races. Due October 1, Slate at October meeting, Vote at November meeting.
    • CD due?
    • Taxes due in July?
    • Renew Bulk permit-transferred to Griffith for Michele Hale.
    • Business entity filed?

Vice President's Report:

  • Strider Picnic- Form will be in July newsletter. Price will be $3.00 per member to attend picnic. Form handed out by Hale and approved by board.
  • Samples of GC premiums were handed out by Michele, towels, hats, cooler bag, plaque.
  • Schedule of GC table to be worked will be reviewed at each board meeting to remind members of their obligation.

Treasurer's Report:

  • Complete accounts
    Total Members:442
    Total Households:376
    Jim Cox:4,940.49
    Bob Stevens:9,256.86

Webmaster's Report:

  • Announcements: Strider Survivor
  • Sponsored Races Update:
  • Photo Galleries updated
  • Continuing to investigate Online Registration service for Strider membership and activities.

Gold Cup Committee:

  • Robin
    • Robin presented scholarship to Cecilia's daughter Rebeca on behalf of the Striders as requested by Rebeca.
    • Banquet date January 27
    • GC premiums - present and vote
  • Mary
    • Evaluation updates? Mail to Mary
    • New sponsored events - Progressive Marathon, Taltree Trot, CAMPAGNA 5K RUN
    • Cassandra will rate Kiss & Run
    • LDS info is now on website for members

Next meeting: Thursday July 13 at Omni 7:00 PM.

Meeting adjourned at 8:28 PM by Cassandra

Minutes submitted by: Misty Chandos

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