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CRS Monthly Board Minutes

Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
April 13, 2006

Location: Human Race Sports - Valparaiso, IN

In Attendance:

Cassandra RozyckiPresident
Michele HaleVice President
Misty ChandosSecretary
Cecilia BernalTreasurer
Mike WilsonWebmaster
Connie KarrasINSTEP Editor
Sue BrownPast President
Wanda MelionStrider Wear

Members at Large:

Porter County Lake County LaPorte County Illinois
Lawrence Giannetti
Steve Kearney
Polly Theising
Robin Benson-Harvey
Linda Kovacs
Dave Myroup
Pat Rhodes
Mary Zemansky  

Guests: Sherry Cook RD for Duneland K.I.S.S. & Run 5k, Shelly (interested in joining club)

Excused: Ruth Bonacci, Bob Hudnall, Bryan Pawola

Meeting called to order 7:15 PM by Cassandra.

Motion to approve the March 2006 minutes by Mary and 2nd by Michele - Approved.

President's Report:

    • Combined April-May will be mailed once ready (4/22)
    • All newsletter submissions for the June Instep are due by April 22
    • Motion to approve the mailing of all newsletters by Polly, 2nd by Mary. - Approved.
  • Old Business
    • The Girl Scouts will be stuffing newsletters. Thanks to Sue Brown.
    • Bob Stevens Fund Runner Assistance committee: Hal Slager is in process of organizing committee. He would like 7 people on committee that are not already board members. Hal has Federal and State Tax Returns for 2004.
    • Packet of sponsorship information - Dave Myroup and Connie Karras will handle all sponsorship.
    • Strider Wear Orders due by June 1. Chandos will handle ordering of Striderwear and Beginner Runner attire.
    • Lake County Beginner Runner program in place. Information and Sign up meeting is April 18 at Omni, 6:30pm. Misty Chandos is Program Leader.
    • Now looking for volunteers to help out at the AAU Outdoor Track Meets in June and July. Dates are on website.
    • Sue Brown requested that Jr. Striders age division be changed for Gold Cup Standings, but it changes points for too many. Change will be made for next year Gold Cup races.
    • Bylaw updates-Mike Wilson will update
    • Convention bid RRCA? Sue will contact Beth Onines (program leader for CARA) Calumet Striders might make bid for RRCA 2007 Convention.
  • New Business
    • Thank you from PUC fitness fair - Larry, Pat
      Omni Fitness Fair- When is it? Michele will contact Omni.
    • PFRPC pancake donation/fee $400 for 200 persons? Decided not to use PFRPC at picnic. We will have hot dogs and hamburgers, deserts, etc.
    • Another scholarship application received - P.O. Box error, applicant asking Calumet Striders to extend and consider his application. Member for 18 years, volunteered at many strider events.
      Motion to Approve application and grant scholarship by Robin, 2nd by Steve - approved. Scholarship granted to Zachary Deery.
    • Capri events volunteers
    • General etiquette

Vice President's Report:

  • Hall of Fame-will be in September newsletter
  • Strider Picnic - will start 1.5 hours after Griffith Hometown Race. Patriotic Theme with hometown events, apple bobbing, potato sack races, water balloons. Clown will be there for kids, prize table. Michele will propose budget for Strider Picnic.

Treasurer's Report:

  • Complete accounts for 1-1-06 through 4-13-06 submitted. Total: $39,466.35
  • Total Members:419
    Total Households:354
    Jim Cox:4,940.49
    Bob Stevens:9,256.86

Webmaster's Report:

  • Need updated Bios for all Board Members.
  • Mike signed up Calumet Striders for a team for the CARA Club Race circuit. Mike will email list of participants. Strider team was 1st at the Shamrock Shuffle in the Green Division in the preliminary standings. (GO STRIDERS!)

Gold Cup Committee:

  • Robin
    • Banquet date January 13 or 27? First choice is the 27th, need to look into any conflict of date with CARA events. Robin will find out.
    • GC premiums - Gloves? Towels? Michele will look into getting price quote for gloves, Misty will as well.
  • Mary
    • Evaluation updates?
    • Should I Care be replaced in the series? If so, with which race? NO
    • Proposed age group changes for kids, seniors, others. Changes will be take place next year.
    • Who can volunteer to rate the Hopper Hustle (sponsored series).
    • LDS: How to handle lack of response on participation fees requested. Mary and Mike Jones will get info together and get to Mike to put on website. ( rules and sign up info)
    • Possible issue with July race (RDs not communicating).

Next meeting: Thursday May 11 at Human Race Sports, Valparaiso at 7:00 PM.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM

Minutes submitted by: Misty Chandos

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