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CRS Monthly Board Minutes

Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
January 12, 2006

Location: Omni 41 - Schererville, IN

In Attendance:

Cassandra RozyckiPresident
Michele HaleVice President
Hal SlagerSecretary
Cecilia BernalTreasurer
Mike WilsonWebmaster
Robin Benson-HarveyGold Cup Committee
Sue BrownPast President
Pat RhodesPast President

Members at Large:

Porter County Lake County LaPorte County Illinois

Lawrence Giannetti
Diane Kellenburger
Misty Chandos
Linda Kovacs
Karen Lansdowne
Tom Navarro
Bryan Pawola

Guests: Connie Karras

Cecilia delivered financial report but could not stay.

Meeting called to order 7:05 PM by Cassandra.

Motion to approve the November 2005 minutes by Bryan and 2nd by Michele - Approved.

Motion to approve the December 2005 minutes by Tom and 2nd by Bryan - Approved.

President's Report:

    • Jen Smith will be stepping down as Instep editor with the pending arrival of her 3rd child.
    • Connie Karras has offered to be the new Editor.
    • Wanda has offered to help stuff.
    • A computer was presented to OE in exchange for our print savings with the newsletter.
  • Strider Bucks - Cass displayed sample Strider Bucks for the new program. Discussion took place regarding a payout value but a final decision was not achieved.
  • Nominations for officers and board position - many nominations have come in through the form distributed but general consensus was to not publish names until those nominated have accepted the nomination. Nominations will continue to be open until the night of the election.
  • Board size and voting rights of Past Presidents - discussion took place regarding the addition of the past presidents to the board. It was noted that common practice is to have the immediate past president only on the board. Diane volunteered to review this and report back to the board.
  • A silent auction will be held for a donated painting at the GC banquet and will continue through the Valentines run on 2/12. Minimum bid is $300.
  • Larry has been named VP and Region rep for USAT.

Vice President's Report:

  • The annual picnic is scheduled for 8/19 in Griffith Park on Broad Street.
  • Christmas party is set for 12/1.


  • No report.

Webmaster's Report:

  • No report.

Gold Cup Committee:

  • Robin
    • Preparation for GC Banquet was discussed.

Next meeting: Thursday February 9 at The Omni at 7:00 PM.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

Minutes submitted by: Big Hal

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