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CRS Monthly Board Minutes

Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
October 20, 2005

Location :  Omni 41 - Schererville, IN

In Attendance:

Cassandra RozyckiPresident
Michele HaleVice President
Cecilia BernalTreasurer
Robin Benson-HarveyGold Cup Committee
Sue BrownPast President
Pat RhodesPast President

Members at Large:

Porter County Lake County LaPorte County Illinois
Lawrence Giannetti Misty Chandos
Karen Lansdowne
Tom Navarro
Lee Alvarez
Mary Zemansky
Brian Pawola

Guest: Rich Limacher

Unable to Attend: Slager, Wilson, Stiles, Klaeser

Meeting called to order 7:03 PM by Cassandra.

August minutes approved. Pawola motion; Navarro second.
September minutes approved. Pawola motion; Navarro second.

President's Report:

    • 285 Oct postage = $56.88 (39.48 bulk, 29 stamped) saved $124.42
    • Holiday invitation included with announcement for no-shows-charge indicated
    • November INSTEP distributed at Fall Frolic- submissions due by Friday, 11/4
    • MidWinter Cruise app, Board nomination from, 2006 renewal & GC Series to be included
    • 200+ Strider volunteers. Y-Me volunteers & Iowa XC team netted extra 150 vol's
    • Short 40 jackets-on order-Rhodes has list will distribute at Fall Frolic
    • Rhodes received Tiffany paperweight from Chicago Marathon for 16 years of outstanding volunteer service
    • Kudos to refreshment crew (Mangel Family) - reimbursement $20 to Mangel-supplies
    • Thank you letters in process to McDonalds, Family Express, Panera, Mangels
    • Suggestion to designate a person to hand out jackets - S Lee Alavarez has someone
    • Rozycki to contact Chicago Marathon regarding voided parking passes and see what reimbursement options are available for our members who had to pay
    • Brown & Kellenberger to present amendments to By-Laws, if any, next meeting
    • Suggestion to have past presidents appointed or elected in Member-at-Large positions

New Business:

  • Michele Yoko now has PO Box key - second key still missing
  • Positions posted in INSTEP:
    • Editor - Jen Smith on maternity leave
    • Strider wear assistant - create order form 2x per year
    • Sponsorship/Correspondence - Lansdowne offers - appointed by Rozycki.

Gold Cup Committee:

  • Committee Chair Zemansky presents proposed schedule. Discussion held.
  • CDC not returning for 2006 Series - date conflicts with Rotary Ramble which is veteran race
  • Just A Little Run unanimous vote not to renew due to Race Director placing restraints on selling Striderwear and CRS memberships at the race.
  • OZ 5K unsure whether they are having race next year - did not renew for 2006 series
  • Probationary races for 2006: MidWinter Cruise (Pawola -race mentor), Valentine, YMCA Strong Kids, Buckley 5miler, Cal City (Brown - race mentor)
  • New: Valpo Mini (April), Tower Run 8K (Michigan City - September), Panther Pounce 5k (Westville - November)
  • Jr. Strider 1 mile course will be offered at Trail Run Extreme (Portage) on 5/29
  • Jr. Striders can run 5K's at Strong Kids & Munster Rotary for GC Points
  • 2006 proposed GC Series schedule approved as modified unanimously
  • Race Directors Meeting/Reception is Dec 8th 5:30 PM Woodhollow Lounge/OMNI
    • Carey Pinkowski Guest Speaker - appearance by Board members mandatory
    • Question/Answer session - RD's & Board complimentary. Guests $15.00
    • Formal invites to be mailed by Rozycki; invite non GC RD's for guest fee
  • CRS member Limacher presented concerns with Cal City final race results. Discussion held. Appears that a bandit finisher threw off results by one place and/or popsicle sticks not provided at finish line in proper numerical order. Limacher to provide revised finish order/results to Rozycki for correction
  • 2006 Gold Cup Series Magnet calendar - 40 cents each; $40 set up fee-Rozycki to consider
  • Sydney Yurkus entered in wrong age group/GC. Birth year is 1995 and not 1996. She will be moved to correct age group for 2005 behind all other finishers in that group - no disqualification from 2005 Series


  • Old gray carport tent - requested use for AAU meets -Discussion sell or keep? Unanimous decision to keep in Strider inventory-Rhodes has possession. Available for use by Joe Mis no charge; rental - $20 posting $50 deposit
  • Strider wear blow out clearance @ Fall Frolic. Yoko-Hale, Lansdowne, Brown to help
  • Valpo Y fitness fair (Giannetti, Kovacs) 11/2 5-8pm, 5:30 run-2 CRS windshirts raffle
  • CD - $15,000 investment matures 11/2/05 with approx $446 revenue. Pawola & Brown to search for re-investment options, bring to next meeting
  • Bernal to provide invoice for OE memberships to Rozycki
  • Rozycki, M Jones, Brown -live interview on Radio (WVLP 98.3 FM 10/26 5:00-6:00 pm) benefits of CRS membership & participation in club family events/ programs

Treasurer's Report:

    Bob Stevens1,756.867,500.009,256.86
    Jim Cox1,690.493,500.005,190.49
  • Total Members: 503
  • Total Households: 413

Webmaster's Report:

  1. 210 Other Races
  2. 25 Gold Cup Races (including 33000+ finishers in Chicago Marathon), "In the Running" updated after each race.
  3. Event Calendar (home page) updated to highlight current day
  4. Many announcements on Home Page (Congratulations to Pat Rhodes!)
  5. Upcoming Events updated to include Holiday Banquet info and form
  6. Added "Start Running and Keep Running" Category to Message Board, removed old entries.
  7. Added "Vote for Aid Station #3" link.
  8. Added multiple events and announcements for Junior Striders
  9. I have been trying to create our Family Membership Application on with little success. They have indicated a willingness to help after I have done as much as I can. However, it's still not clear if they will charge the $195 set-up fee. My impression is that they are not configured for our type of family membership. However, I will keep pursuing this.
  10. I have not invested any time in activating the new message board system - probably not warranted given the low usage.
  11. Multiple Member Newsbytes from local/Chicago papers
  12. 3 new photo galleries
  13. New members: 155 (50 in Gold Cup); Total members: 484 (228 in Gold Cup)
  14. Attended Gold Cup Committee meeting 9/26
  15. Added Tom Magill's article to Newsletter Articles.
  16. Updated 2006 Membership Application and implemented on web site
  17. Added link to Fall Frolic registration form

Next meeting: Thursday November 10 at The Omni 7pm

December meeting: Thursday December 8 at The Omni RD Reception 5:30pm

Meeting adjourned at 9:16 PM

Minutes submitted by: Sue Brown

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