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CRS Monthly Board Minutes

Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
August 25, 2005

Location :  The Cassandra Abode

In Attendance:

Cassandra RozyckiPresident
Michele YokoVice President
Hal SlagerSecretary
Cecilia BernalTreasurer
Mike WilsonWebmaster
Robin Benson-HarveyGold Cup Committee
Sue BrownPast President
Pat RhodesPast President

Members at Large:

Porter County Lake County LaPorte County Illinois
Diane Kellenburger Misty Chandos
Linda Kovacs
Lee Alvarez
Mary Zemansky

Others: Adrian Harvey, Bob Hooper, Mike Jones

Meeting called to order 7:24 PM by Cassandra following a barbecue of remaining food from Strider Survivor.

Motion to approve July 2005 minutes by Robin. 2nd by Lee. Approved.

Vice President's report:

  • Issue of cheating was brought to Michele's attention. After lengthy discussion it was determined that the course of action should be to alert the Race Director as soon as there has been a charge advanced concerning cheating.
  • 50/50 will be drawn at Fall Frolic.

President's Report:

    • Cut off is September 4th with hand out 9/17.
  • Chicago Marathon sign up will be on the web site.
  • Progressive Marathon - nice job to all those who helped with our leg.
  • Voting members - there was extended discussion concerning the definition of a voting member, participation of past presidents, and quorums. Diane Kellenberger volunteered to review the by-laws and make recommendations.
  • Race evaluations are due.
  • Beginning runner program will now expand to intermediate and advanced. Meeting times TBD for intermediate and advanced. $30 for non-members and $25 for members. Includes Strider membership for 2005, Entry into Fall Frolic and a technical t-shirt. Program is now to be called "Start Running & Keep Running".
  • Strider Survivor - great food and music. $465.55 total cost less $175.00 collected in fees.
  • 2006 picnic - discussion regarding a picnic next year after a race. No conclusion at this time.
  • Old Strider tent - Pat has the club 10 x 20 tent that we never use. There was discussion about making it available to members for use. No final conclusion.
  • 2006 RRCA convention is scheduled for March 8-12 in Houston.
  • Clydesdale weigh-in deadline has passed with 2 members not compliant.
  • 500 singlets are on order.
  • 2005 Jim Cox awards - Sue to acquire awards similar to last year.


  • Total 492
  • Gold Cup 228
  • Households 400

Webmaster Report:

  • On line registration options being considered
  • 2 year calendar added
  • Some Buckley awards are still outstanding
  • Run for Shelter results are very slow to be reported while Home Town Run awards were done 1 hour 15 minutes from the start of the race and posted by 11:00 am
  • There was a request by a new (non GC) race to barter for a listing on the web site. After discussion it was decided to deny without promotion in Instep for $50.

Gold Cup Committee:

  • Robin
    • Need new GC banquet invites with updated logo. It was decided to:
      • Include copy that requires mailed reservation to be postmarked by ...
      • No RSVP's after a certain date
      • Note that no-shows will be invoiced
      • This will be the 27th Gold Cup (not 26th)
      • A separate reply card and envelope will be included rather than the very small detachable stub.
  • Mary
    • Gold Cup race selection process:
      • Applications due 9-25
      • 2 GC races per month limit
      • More Indiana races to match club demographics
      • Selection vote to be held at the October board meeting
      • Considering a circuit race vs. registered race arrangement like CARA

Next meeting: Thursday September 15 at Lake County Library 7pm

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM

Minutes submitted by: Big Hal

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