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CRS Monthly Board Minutes

Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
June 9, 2005

Location :  Omni 41, Schererville

Excused: Brown, Chandos, Benson-Harvey

In Attendance:

Cassandra RozyckiPresident
Michele YokoVice President
Hal SlagerSecretary
Cecilia BernalTreasurer
Mike WilsonWebmaster
Pete KlaeserStatistician
Wanda MelionStriderWear

Members at Large:

Porter County Lake County LaPorte County Illinois
Diane Kellenburger
Mike Stiles
Lawrence Giannetti
Linda Kovacs
Tom Navarro
Lee Alvarez
Mary Zemansky
Pete Klaeser
Others: Clarence Melion

Meeting called to order 7:00 PM by Cassandra.

Motion to approve May 2005 minutes with correction for 1 typo by Stiles. 2nd by Yoko. Approved.

President's Report:

    • June 2005 distribution at Munster Rotary
    • July 2005 distribution at Friendship Run - submissions DUE 7/1
  • Team won 1st Open Division Main Course (5/22) third consecutive year
  • AAU Outdoor Meet - June 11 & 12
    • Volunteers Still Needed - Sue making calls to new members
  • Report on Fitness Barn race by Larry and others - no improvement and many scoring problems.
  • Junior Strider participation at AAU 3 female relay teams, and one boys team.

Old Business:

  • Collect race evaluations for
    • Spirit Run - Tom
    • Running with Irish - Diane
    • TalTree 10 - Sue
    • Gallery Gallop - Mike S
    • Just a Little Run - Bill
    • Extreme Trail Run - Misty
  • Beginner Runner Program Updates
    • Sue @ Fitness Barn - group ran and many placed
    • Misty @ Omni - order shirts? Friendship Run 5k
    • Sommer @ Duneland - shirts also? Run 4 Shelter 5k
  • Strider Survivor - will be on 8/18 in Lake County
    • Imagination Glen (Portage) - no need to reserve
    • Include flyer in June 18th INSTEP - DESIGN? - check with Jen
    • Mike Jones volunteered to direct the project but down with bike injury
    • Relay format - 4 per team
  • Bulk Mailing Permit - most received INSTEP within 1-2 days, saved over $100
  • Non-renew membership reminder & survey returns coming in - $51 spent on postage with 5 renewals already. 12 others with various reasons for dropping (moved, time, etc.)
  • Tent - no information gathered
  • CDC comp entries available -
    • most improved PR (Joe Norton, improved marathon time by 37 min 15 sec.) Sommer Watts female winner with 5k improvement by 35 sec
    • submit reasons why I want to run letter (2) for Strider members only - only 1 letter in by Denise Phillips and she was already signed up. Goldcup membership to be comped.

New Business:

  • GC Race Event Reminders:
    RaceGC EvalEvents
    Munster RotaryMicheleINSTEP
    I CarePete 
    BrickyardMicheleStrider Wear; Weigh-In
    FriendshipTomRaffle; INSTEP; BRP Omni; Strider Wear
    Run for ShelterMaryBRP DHWI
    CDCSue"goldcup" = $5 off

Vice President's report:

  • Newspaper submissions - Press (both papers) to be at Friendship
    • OE marathon callout - 20 attended 10 signed up.

Treasurer's report:

  • Account Balances regular checking $18,209 Bob Stevens $9,257 Jim Cox $5,541 $15,000 from all funds combined in CD
  • Membership 419 (88 new)/ GC 222 / Household numbers 337 (additional pile submitted)
  • Contact accountant - software for tax reporting & tax filing? No issues - do not pursue.

Webmaster Report:

  • Updates: 5576 accesses last week. Most popular pages are race results and upcoming races.
  • Denise Philips - membership & GC (Gallery, Just Lil Run)

Gold Cup Committee:

  • Premium for 2005 - motion to have duffle bags by Stiles and 2nd by Zemansky. Approved
  • Gold Cup banquet no-show list sending bills with letter this week. Discussion took place concerning the benefit of sending the bills so late and since most were GC members. Motion to abandon sending the bills by Alvarez and 2nd by Navarro. Approved.
  • Need to schedule meeting
  • Evaluate reservation method
    • Establish objectives & goals
    • Mike Wilson and Cass joined the committee for a total of 9 (Mary Zemansky, Karen Lansdowne, Linda Kovacs, Robin Benson-Harvey, Misty Chandos, Mike Jones, Martin Graupner, Mike Wilson, Cassandra Rozycki)


  • Karen made calls as follow-up
    • Bruce Williams to sponsor again
    • Our bank said no
    • Pepsi said no

Additional Input to Meeting:

  • State Games ($50 donation expected) & Hershey conflicts
  • Posting Zoy Relays ($50 donation expected)
  • Beginning runner program in Michigan City via YMCA & assistance of LaPorte County MALs
  • June INSTEP stuffers (6/16):
  • July INSTEP stuffers (7/11):
  • Review of singlet(s) by Wanda for Strider wear

Next meeting: Thursday July 14, 7:00 pm at Omni 41, Schererville

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

Minutes submitted by: Big Hal

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