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CRS Monthly Board Minutes

Calumet Region Striders
Board of Directors Meeting
May 12, 2005

Location :  Omni 41, Schererville

Excused: Brown, Chandos, Pawola, Navarro

In Attendance:

Cassandra RozyckiPresident
Michele YokoVice President
Hal SlagerSecretary

Members at Large:

Porter County Lake County LaPorte County Illinois
Diane Kellenburger
Mike Stiles
Lawrence Giannetti
Linda Kovacs Mary Zemansky Pete Klaeser
Bill Moylan

Gold Cup Committee: Robin Benson-Harvey
Others: Wanda & Clarence Melion, Mike Jones, Donna Summerville

Meeting called to order 7:16 PM by Cassandra.

Motion to approve April 2005 minutes as read. Motion: With type change by Robin; 2nd: Pete K; Approved

President's Report:

    • May 2005 distribution at Gallery Gallop
    • June 2005 distribution at Munster Rotary - submissions DUE 6/10
    • New shells received (5,630) - $ 729 due printer
  • Sue Brown attending RRCA Convention this weekend
  • Entering Team for Main Course (5/22)
  • AAU Outdoor Meet - June 11 & 12
    • Volunteers Needed
    • Insert in May INSTEP

Old Business:

  • Collect race evaluations for
    • Spirit Run - Tom
    • Running with Irish - Diane
    • Strong Kids - Sue
    • Valpo Mini - Mike W.
    • TalTree 10 - Sue
  • Beginner Runner Program Updates
    • Sue @ Fitness Barn 2/28
    • Misty @ Omni 4/12
    • Sommer @ Duneland 5/2
  • Strider Survivor - will be on 8/18 in Lake County
    • Lemon Lake, Stoney Run, Hidden Lake, Imagination Glen
    • Some have dusk limits like Chellberg Farm
    • Need pavilion in the event of rain
    • Include flyer in June 18th INSTEP
    • Mike Jones volunteered to direct the project
    • Consideration to go with the relay format and individual teams will have their own theme
  • Bulk Mailing Permit - received NFP 501c3 approval & permit number
    • Looking into bar coding to get cost down to .12ea.

New Business:

  • Non-renew membership reminder & survey reviewed by board members for comments
  • Tent?
  • GC Race Event Reminders:
    RaceGC EvalEvents
    Just a Little RunBill MRaffle, Strider Wear
    Fitness Barn?BRP group running
    Munster RotaryMicheleINSTEP
    I CarePete 
    BrickyardMicheleRaffle, Strider Wear, Weigh In
  • CDC comp entries available -
    • provide one as additional prizes in 50/50 raffle
    • most improved PR
    • one for the board
    • submit reasons why letter (2) for Strider members only
  • Meetings @ Omni through August - Library had no rooms available

Vice President's report:

  • Newspaper submissions
    • OE marathon callout

Treasurer's report: (not attending)

  • Account Balances regular checking $12559.10 Bob Stevens $1776.86 Jim Cox $2040.49 plus $15,000 from all funds combined in CD - Fund balances not available since treasurer not in attendance
  • Membership 396 (81 new)/ GC 220 / Household numbers 335
  • Contact accountant - software for tax reporting & tax filing?
  • Tax forms due 5/15

Webmaster Report:

  • Not in attendance

Gold Cup Committee:

  • Premium ideas submitted - duffel bags with zipper compartments was consensus of board to pursue
  • Gold Cup banquet no-show list cost club $550. Decision to send bills.
  • Invited RD's to sit on committee - no response to date
  • Cass working on volunteer to take on the race committee - separate from the premiums and banquet projects. Mary Zemansky and Mike Jones volunteered at the meeting.
    • Establish objectives & goals

Additional Input to Meeting:

  • 5k benefit to assist a cancer patient will be posted to the web site since there is no GC conflict

Next meeting: Thursday June 9, 7:00 pm at Omni 41, Schererville

Meeting adjourned at 8:51 PM

Minutes submitted by: Big Hal

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