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Calumet Region Striders
Board Meeting Minutes
March 10, 2005

Location : Duneland Health and Wellness Institute, Chesterton

Officers in Attendance:Cassandra Rozycki, Michele Yoko, Diane Kellenburger, Larry Giannetti, Mike Stiles, Mary Zemansky

Non-Officers/Visitors in Attendance: Sue Brown, Pat Rhodes, Mike Wilson, Todd Henderlong, Jim Nickerson

Meeting called to order 6:40 PM.

Past President's Report:

    Review of BYLAW-ARTICLE II (3) - Rules of Order. It was determined that we have a total of 16 officers/members at large that constitute the Board. Therefore to obtain majority or quorum, 9 officers / members at large need to be present at meetings.

    Suggestion to consider amendment to bylaws to make past presidents members at large. Current bylaws do not allow for past presidents to make motions or vote on issues at hand. (T Henderlong)

President's Report:

  • GC race evaluations by board members to be completed and returned to CRS President who in turn will forward to race director with form letter & comments.
  • Comments on Valentine 5K & Spirit 5K race evaluations. Valentine less favorable due to failure to have manual back up of race results (no bib numbers).
  • INSTEP shell price quote - M Yoko will seek one other bid - three month supply left.
  • Opportunity Enterprises may be able to copy monthly newsletter at reduced cost.
  • Opportunity Enterprises thank you letter for $100 donation from Chicago Waterstop read aloud.
  • Bring ideas/samples to April meeting for GC premium (gloves, backpack suggested).
  • Ideas discussed on how to increase membership retention:
    1. weekly broadcast message from our own website (webmaster to work with Big Hal)
    2. develop ambassadors for back of packers
    3. exit interview letters
    4. continue to develop running groups and programs
    5. incentive or recognition for PR's-most improvement
  • April INSTEP submissions due to Jen Smith by March 23rd - distribution RIS Apr 2nd
  • May INSTEP distribution - Gallery Gallop May 14th to include AAU volunteer call out
  • OMNI Open House 3/14/05 1-4pm - Lake County Members at Large promoting programs
  • Presentation of new sponsorship levels - request to Webmaster to add to website

Due to lack of a quorum, the following items were tabled for discussion and vote until the April 14 meeting:

  • Approval of February 2005 meeting minutes
  • Selection of Jim Cox Scholarship recipients
  • Strider Survivor location & committee heads
  • Bob Stevens Disabled Runner Fund disbursement reques

Vice President's report:

  • Will immediately send out press releases for beginning running programs
  • Suggestion to have Strong Kids & Munster Rotary 5Ks be points races for Jr. Striders (too late for 2005 but will consider for 2006 schedule)

Treasurer's report:

CRS General Fund$ 14,589.63$ 4,000.00$ 18,589.63
Bob Stevens Fund$ 1,756.86$ 7,500.00$ 9,256.86
Jim Cox Fund $ 2,040.49$ 3,500.00$ 5,540.49

Webmaster Report:

  • Request that GC Race Director Application be modified to include method of how race will be timed and method to be used for reporting final results.
  • Suggestion that all non-computerized GC races be required to issue BIB numbers.
  • New Message Board up and running - encourage everyone to try, test, and report back.
  • CRS website not one of RRCA's top 3 finalists in website contest.


  • Possible fundraising opportunity through OE Enterprises. Shamrock Shuffle goody bag stuffing. Will contact us further with details (T Henderlong)

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM

Next meeting: Thursday April 14, 7:00 pm at Omni 41, Schererville

Minutes submitted by: Sue Brown

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