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CRS Monthly Board Minutes

Calumet Region Striders
Board Meeting Minutes
January 12, 2005

Location :  Lake County Library, Merrillville

Present:  Sue Brown, Cassandra Rozycki, Cecilia Bernal, Mary Zemansky, Karen Lansdowne, Pat Rhodes, Robin Benson-Harvey, Diane Kellenburger, Mike Wilson

  • December meeting minutes approved as written.
  • Approval of November meeting minutes tabled to February meeting to allow for board's review prior to approval.
  • Gold Cup Banquet update and final preparations.
    • 201 RSVP's to-date.
    • Board Members to arrive 3:30 pm to help with set up.
    • Life member appointment to be made to Bob Hooper for having participated in all 25 GC Series.
  • RRCA award nominations: Joe Baska , President PFRPC, and John Kotash, RD/Progressive Marathon nominated for National Volunteer Award for having over 2000 volunteer hours of service. Mike Wilson/Website; Cassandra Rozycki, outstanding club writer; Mike Jones, RD/RIS Spirit Award; Martin Graupner Male/Open Runner of the Year; Sue Brown outstanding RRCA club president.
  • Certificate of Deposit has been purchased in amount of $15,000 with maturity date of 9/30/05 at interest rate of 3%, Mercantile Bank.
  • AAU Meet Feb 18-20. All board members expected to contribute shift. Brown in charge of volunteers.
  • List of membership stats, by families, prepared by Wilson and provided to all members present to assist in 2005 membership drive. List available from website.
  • 2005 Board Nominations: Nominations remain open until 7:00 pm 2/10/05. Present to vote.
    President:Cassandra Rozycki
    Vice-President:Michele Yoko
    Secretary:Hal Slager
    Treasurer:Cecilia Bernal
    Porter County
    Member at Large
    Diane Kellenburger
    Mike Stiles
    Lawrence Giannetti
    Lake County
    Member at Large
    Karen Lansdowne
    Linda Kovacs
    Tom Navarro
    Misty Chandos
    LaPorte County
    Member at Large
    Mary Zemansky
    Member at Large
    Pete Klaeser
    Bill Moylan
  • Non-renewed members will be dropped from mailing list at end of February, 2005.
  • Wilson attended CARA/Tech Committee regarding CARA website.
  • Recent notification by Chicago Marathon that our waterstop placed 2nd in voting for favorite waterstop. The club will receive $450 donation from the marathon.

Next meeting: Election/General Meeting: Thursday February 10, 7:00 pm at Omni 41 Health Club, Schererville

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

Minutes submitted by: Sue Brown

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